Okay, here's the reminder - tomorrow is Fathers Day. And you forgot, right? Fear not: PC Advisor has picked out five cool tech gifts for the dad who has it all, and you can order them all today.

So fix in your mind all that excellent fathering he's done over the past 12 months, and select one of these cool gadgets (in no particular order…


Slim Devices Squeezebox

Here's a gift that keeps on giving - get your old man a Squeezebox so he can beam around the house the ancient tunes you've already converted from vinyl (and wax cylinder). It's the equivalent of giving a toddler a drum, so avoid mum for a week or two.

The added bonus is that your dad will spend the next six months trying to work out how to convert his Dire Straits from tape to MP3, during which time you can infiltrate his collection with the Klaxons (not to subs: is this what the kids are listening to?). Muh ha ha ha...

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XtremeMac Luna iPod alarm clock and speaker system

If your progenitor is anything like mine, waking up is not a strong point.

But if, like me, you've already coughed for a teasmade, an alarm clock and a precariously balanced bucket of water on the bedhead, the Luna iPod alarm clock and speaker is the answer.

Now the old fella can wake up to his favourite records, the radio or a buzzer. There are all manner of prerecorded snooze settings and the sound kicks in quietly, then gradually builds up. Aaaah.

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Saitek Obsidian wireless rechargeable mouse

In life, as in you Dad's prized 6in nail collection, it's the little things that make all the difference. Saitek's Obsidian mouse is the coolest thing on four paws this summer. With this mouse your old man will be the coolest cat in the office.

The bonus is that Saitek describes this mouse thus: "Design Meets Desire". So on seeing the box, panic will set in as the big man thinks you've bought him lady-perfume.

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Antec Notebook Cooler S

Dads have an annoying habit of having all the gadgets and all the answers. But here's a plan - suck in air over your teeth, shake your head and say: "I can't believe you let your laptop get so hot!" Immediately you are a man (or woman) son (or daughter).

Problem created, you have the answer. Antec's Notebook Cooler S is the best simple computer toy I've seen this year. It's cheap an efficient, it cools down your laptop PC and it makes it more ergonomic. Or something.

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Sony DVDirect VRD-MC3 DVD recorder

And finally, you exist to be brilliant, and your Dad exists to show off to his mates about your brilliance. But faffing around with hours of camcorder footage is a process we could all live without.

No worries. Sony's excellent DVDirect DVD recorders take video content from almost any source and immediately burns it to a DVD. So next time you have a big birthday, Dad will be there with a ready-made archive of all your 'cutest' moments growing up.

Actually, come to think of it you might be better off getting a him some beers and a pair of socks...

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Happy dad's day!