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  • News: Will Vista ship on 1 December?

    A Microsoft contest to guess Windows Vista's release date hints that the product's release date could be 1 December.

  • News: Windows apps on Intel-based Macs?

    Open-source developers from the X86 Project claim to have managed to compile software to run Windows applications on Intel-based Macs.

  • News: Microsoft: guess Vista release date, win prizes

    In an effort to promote the next release of Windows Vista outside of the US, Microsoft is offering a chance for users in Europe and the Middle East to win prizes if they can guess the launch date of the next version of the OS.

  • News: Microsoft faces first EU antitrust fines

    Microsoft looks more than likely to earn a place in history by becoming the first company to be hit with daily fines by the EU for failing to respect an antitrust ruling.

  • News: Opinion: one million downloads?

    Has one in every 100 people in Japan downloaded MySQL's database? Figures published by the company this week imply that's the case, but common sense suggests otherwise. Software companies love to brag about download figures but in reality they can be misleading.

  • News: Analysis: Vista the trailblazer?

    Microsoft's Vista OS will include 3D views of windows, built-in handwriting recognition, easy real-time wireless collaboration, automatic phishing alerts and even support for a 'SideShow' function.

  • News: Vista preview to feature Sidebar, Gadgets

    A preview of Vista will feature Windows Sidebar and Gadgets technology for adding mini-apps such as video or audio feeds to the Windows desktop.

  • News: Microsoft cries foul in antitrust case

    Microsoft has written to the EC to complain that the company is being denied the normal rights to defence in its antitrust case.

  • News: First bug found in IE Beta 2.0

    An independent researcher needed just 15 minutes to find the first bug in the Beta 2.0 preview release of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7.0 browser.

  • News: EC visits Microsoft to discuss case

    Antitrust investigators from the EC are holding meetings with key Microsoft officials at the company's US headquarters to discuss whether it is complying with the antitrust ruling of March 2004, an EC spokesman confirmed today.

  • News: Microsoft warns of file-trashing worm

    A security advisory has alerted Windows users to the existence of a file-destroying worm that has been circulating via email for several weeks.

  • News: Red Hat commits to MIT's $100 laptop

    Linux software vendor Red Hat plans to publicly confirm today that it has become a founding corporate member of the One Laptop Per Child organisation.

  • News: Digital home market belongs to Apple

    The battle for the digital home isn't taking place. It's already over, and Apple has won.

  • News: Gates to unveil strategy for government IT

    This week Microsoft chairman Bill Gates is planning to unveil the company's strategy for the government IT market, an intensely competitive area that has seen open-source software gain a strong foothold.

  • News: Windows Vista is finished

    Microsoft has finished development on Windows Vista and expects to ship the product by the end of the year.

  • News: Torvalds says no to new open-source licence

    The digital rights management provisions proposed for GPL v3, the new version of the GNU General Public License used by many open-source projects, have earned a thumbs down from Linux kernel developer Linus Torvalds.

  • News: Germany cracks down on software pirates

    Providers of illegal downloading services in several European countries are running for cover following a co-ordinated bust earlier in the week.

  • News: EU: Microsoft offer may not be enough

    Microsoft's offer to license part of its Windows source code to competitors is "not necessarily enough" to head off €2m in daily fines for the company, an EC spokesman has said.

  • News: Intel plans 45-nanometer chips next year

    Intel will enter the next era of Moore's Law in the second half of 2007, with commercial shipment of its first PC processors based on a 45-nanometer manufacturing process, the company said yesterday.

  • News: Google, Lenovo, Sun back StopBadware Coalition

    Technology giants Google, Lenovo and Sun are funding a non-profit effort to combat all of the nasty spyware and computer viruses that users don't want installed on their computers.

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