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  • News: Intel reveals LCD TV laptop concept

    Intel today revealed a laptop PC concept design in which the machine folds up with the screen facing away from the keypad and then slips into a docking station for use as an LCD (liquid crystal display) TV.

  • News: Toshiba HD-DVD laptop hits Japan in May

    Toshiba plans to put on sale in Japan in May its first laptop computer with a built-in HD-DVD drive, the company said today.

  • News: Macs & Windows: what you should know

    Apple this week unveiled software that will allow new Macintosh computers to run Microsoft's Windows XP software natively.

  • News: Acer introduces 20in laptop

    Acer yesterday announced an addition to its laptop range. The Aspire 9800 is the world's first laptop to have a 20in screen and at nearly 8kg it is one of the heaviest desktop-replacement models around.

  • News: Software firms tackle piracy in China

    In a bid to encourage Chinese officials to crack down on rampant software piracy in the country, foreign critics are working hard to sell the notion that legal software is good for China's economy.

  • News: Microsoft to patch IE, Windows, Office next week

    Microsoft is set to release five security patches for its products next Tuesday, including a highly anticipated Internet Explorer fix that will address a bug that hackers have been exploiting over the past two weeks.

  • News: StarOffice slashes Bristol's costs

    Bristol City Council will save 60 percent on software costs over five years by switching its 5,500 users to Sun's StarOffice and the ODF standard, and ditching Microsoft Office.

  • News: Microsoft launches Linux site

    Microsoft is expected to unveil a website for users to find information about its Linux and open-source interoperability efforts today at LinuxWorld, according to the executive in charge of those plans.

  • News: MS: infected hard drives must be 'nuked'

    Companies should put automated processes in place to 'nuke' their PCs' hard drives once they're infected with some kinds of malware, since that's the only reliable way of recovering from such infestations.

  • News: Software lets Intel Macs run Windows XP

    Apple's bid to attract Windows switchers climbed several notches today with the release of software that allows Intel Macs to install and run Windows XP on their Macs.

  • News: Dixons to disappear from high street

    The Dixons brand name is to vanish from high streets across the UK as parent company DSG today announced a refocusing of its online and bricks-and-mortar retail operations.

  • News: NHTCU disappears into revamped crime agency

    When you're hit by a virus, will SOCA want to know?

  • News: Concerns over Chinese technology policies

    Chinese technology policies that limit market access for non-Chinese companies raise concerns about the country's commitment to its World Trade Organisation obligations.

  • News: Microsoft scheme may ease Vista delay fallout

    Even though Windows Vista won't be available until next year, Microsoft is working with hardware partners to prepare customers for its release.

  • News: The EU antitrust trial timeline

    In 1998 Sun Microsystems filed a complaint about Microsoft with the EC. Eight years later the case is still in court with a settlement as much as another year away.

  • News: The EU antitrust trial against Microsoft

    In 1998, Sun Microsystems lodged a formal complaint with the European Commission alleging that Microsoft was using the near monopoly of Windows on the PC market to crowd out competitors in the workgroup server software market.

  • News: Intel kicks off low-cost PC effort

    Intel has partnered with a Mexican telecoms company to sell an affordable PC designed for first-time computer users in developing countries.

  • News: US diplomats intervene in EU case

    As it makes a final effort during two days of hearings to avert daily fines of up to €2m in its ongoing antitrust fight with the European Commission, Microsoft has received sympathy, if not support, from a powerful friend.

  • News: Working in IT akin to 'prison sentence'

    IT departments in mid-sized companies are stifling creativity and ensuring that the full value of technology is not being exploited.

  • News: Microsoft calls on EMC in EU antitrust case

    Microsoft will use success stories from its server protocol licensing programme in the US to try to convince European regulators that it is complying with an antitrust ruling and avoid being fined millions of euros per day.

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