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  • News: IBM still tops supercomputer chart

    Today saw the release of this year's Top500 list of supercomputers, and though AMD's Opteron processor has made good progress, IBM's Blue Gene continues to reign supreme.

  • News: HSBC in call centre fraud claim

    An employee used confidential data stolen from HSBC Electronic Data Processing in India and used it to defraud 20 London-based customers of £233,000, it has been claimed.

  • News: A picture is better than 1,000 words

    Spam is again on the rise, led by a flood of junk images that spammers have crafted over the past few months to trick email filters, according to security vendors.

  • News: Microsoft dials back Genuine Advantage

    Microsoft yesterday released an updated version of its antipiracy program that changes the frequency with which it checks for pirated or counterfeit copies of its client operating system.

  • News: Malware gang broken up

    A gang of malware writers has been broken up in a joint operation between police in the UK and Finland.

  • News: The world's first Wi-Fi city is... Taipei

    Several cities worldwide have planned to roll out Wi-Fi networks for the benefit of their citizens. But Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is the first city to actually do it.

  • News: Microsoft faces €2m daily fines

    It has emerged today that Microsoft's perceived failure to comply to an antitrust ruling imposed in 2004 on the company by the European Commission will lead the EC to propose another fine of up to €460m.

  • News: Smallest Vaio will use flash memory

    The next Sony Vaio U series laptop will not have a conventional spinning hard-disk drive, the company revealed today. Instead, it will use flash memory.

  • News: Desktop PCs still more reliable

    Around 20 percent of laptops will break down in their lifetime, requiring replacement hardware components to fix the failure, according to a study released yesterday by Gartner.

  • News: Code-sharing site unveiled by Microsoft

    Microsoft is hoping to fire up a community of developers on a code-sharing forum the company has been testing since May but rolled out officially today.

  • News: Test-drive Microsoft Office 2007 – online

    From today, Microsoft will allow users to test-drive Office 2007 on its website without downloading any software.

  • News: Symantec antiphishing app developed

    In September Symantec will release a beta version of a security product that is specifically designed to protect against phishing, the company said today.

  • News: The battle of the spam

    A French-based Englishman, John Graham-Cumming, is about 666,666 clicks away from creating a weapon to kill spam for good.

  • News: Microsoft dives into voice communications

    After years of dipping its toe in the waters of unified voice and data communications, Microsoft is ready to dive in head first.

  • News: MessageLabs security services upgraded

    MessageLabs launched the latest version of its hosted web security services today, with an emphasis on speed and improved threat detection.

  • News: Greener computers are what we want

    A survey has revealed that consumers would be prepared to pay higher prices for their PCs if the systems were more environmentally friendly.

  • News: $30.7bn pledge made to Gates Foundation

    Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates may never see a more generous donation to the foundation run by his wife and hisself.

  • News: Blu-ray starting to edge ahead of HD-DVD

    Sony chairman and CEO Howard Stringer today stated that the greater storage capacity of the Blu-ray Disc format is giving it an edge over HD-DVD.

  • News: HDTV kicks off World Cup games

    The World Cup tournament underway in Germany is history in the making, not only for the teams competing for the trophy but also for the engineers covering the event in HDTV format.

  • News: Computers could be 500 times faster

    A pack of European researchers are working to develop silicon chips that forego wires for carrying electric currents, an advance they say could lead to computers that run up to 500 times faster than today's models.

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