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The 30 biggest technology myths exposed

Fact or fiction: we decide

We've rounded up the 30 most common technology myths and misconceptions and explained why they are, in fact, fiction.

Photo facts

You need a Digital SLR (DSLR) camera to take great shots

Photography is as much about the photographer as it is about the camera. Framing, the right moment, controlling lighting and position of subjects (though not always possible), the right background, the ability to visualise what looks good through the viewfinder, are all essential factors.

When choosing a camera, get one that gives you manual aperture and shutter controls - learn to use them and you can get some impressive photos. Many mid-range point and shoot cameras give you these manual controls.

An 8Mp picture is twice as broad and tall as a 4Mp one

A digital image is composed of a horizontal and vertical resolution and the megapixel (Mp) count (that cameras specify) is the product of the two. For example, an 8Mp camera outputs an image with the resolution 3,264 (H) x 2,448 (V) pixels, the product of which comes to around 8m pixels (or 8 megapixels).

A 4Mp camera similarly produces images produces a 2272 (H) x 1704 (V) image. The extra 4Mp that the larger camera has is shared vertically and horizontally, hence along each dimension you will see a gain of 1.5 times rather than 2. So, when choosing between 6Mp and 8Mp cameras with otherwise similar features, the advantage of the 8Mp model will be an 18 percent larger image along each dimension.

Now decide if the latter's higher price tag is justified.

Digital photography means any flaw can be fixed with software

While it is true that a lot of corrections can be made to digital photographs during post processing with relative ease, some fundamental elements of photography cannot be corrected or only very lightly touched upon. For example, there is nothing you can do about an out-of-focus subject.

No sharpening filter in your image enhancement program is going to help you.

Similarly, you cannot bring out details from a badly overexposed area of the picture. If there is a slight underexposure, this can be corrected though. A 'flat' and burnt-out look caused by a harsh flash is another example. What you can do is alter brightness and contrast, correct white balance errors, crop and remove unwanted elements in the frame.

With improved mobile phone cameras, point-and-shoot cameras are not required

As technology progresses, maybe this will come true in the future. But as of now, a mid-range point-and-shoot camera will outclass any production mobile phone camera, 5Mp sensors, 3x optical zoom and Carl Zeiss lens on expensive mobile phones notwithstanding. The reasons are pretty simple.

The limited size and weight constraints in mobile phones impose a design restriction for putting in a capable camera. Remember that, an auto-focus camera is an electro-mechanical device that does take up some space and requires precision.

In bright light, a really expensive cameraphone will produce good results, but come low light and its small sensor and limited flash capability start acting up. But, it won't be long before cameraphones evolve to a level where they can do nearly everything a simple dedicated point-and-shoot camera can.

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