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The 30 biggest technology myths exposed

Fact or fiction: we decide

We've rounded up the 30 most common technology myths and misconceptions and explained why they are, in fact, fiction.

A 5:1 sound system enhances the listening experience

Again, this is one of those concepts that is actually true in theory but unless implemented properly, has next to no benefit.

Configured properly, the surround set up can provide a directional feel. But for this, you will either need to place the speakers at specified distances from your seating area, or configure their individual levels to match your seating location.

The latter is not such a simple task. Besides, the sound source must be encoded in a surround sound format, ordinary stereo will not give you surround experience. This excludes audio CDs, television (even satellite TV) and MP3s - a big chunk of what most people use their surround systems for.

It is only with 5:1 channel DVDs or games that such speakers deliver true directional feel.

Playing a scratched disc can damage the player

This is actually true for some optical drives/standalone players. Some models have a mechanism of increasing the laser beam intensity if a disc is not readable at normal intensity. A stronger beam means more heat and more wear and tear on the components. Hence, repeatedly playing scratched discs can potentially cause damage. If your favorite disc is scratched, it is time for you to make a backup.

We decided to include this in the list despite the statement being true, as much confusion prevails on the topic.

A Blu-Ray disc will look better than a standard DVD

This really depends on the source from which the movie has been mastered before being put on a Blu-Ray disc. If it's an old movie and the source is an old generation digital or converted from a film print, then the Blu-Ray disc is not going to offer any higher quality as the original itself is of lower quality.

For new movies shot and mastered with current generation equipment, you should see benefits with a superior Blu-Ray disc.

A home theatre PC (HTPC) is complicated to operate

A HTPC, once set up, is no more difficult to maintain or operate than any other PC. In fact, since not many programs are installed on it, it can actually be more stable!

A dedicated PC that sits next to your TV in the living room can be operated with the help of a remote control to record TV programs, time-shift (rewind), schedule recording, etc. Also, you can play any media file from your PC on the TV, giving you that much more flexibility and make it an integral part of your entertainment setup.

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