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The 30 biggest technology myths exposed

Fact or fiction: we decide

We've rounded up the 30 most common technology myths and misconceptions and explained why they are, in fact, fiction.

Gaming is addictive, distractive and kills productivity

The above statement can be true. But then, the same can be said about any activity that people enjoy; watching TV for instance, or even reading.

Gaming can get more involving as it is interactive. But that in itself is not a reason to deny yourself the gaming experience. Anything can get harmful if taken beyond moderation. Gaming can be de-stressing and relaxing as well!

On a side note, some companies are trying a team-building activity that involves people working together as teams in strategy games.

Games are too violent for children

This is a sweeping statement made by those who do not understand that gaming comes in several genres. While some games do contain explicit violence (mutilation, blood splatter, cries of pain, etc.), these are mostly First Person Shooter (FPS) games in which the player actually 'shoots' the enemy.

There are other genres like RTS (Real Time Strategy) in which the player has to think and plan his approach to the game. Then there are racing games in which the player has to drive a car. These kinds of games generally have very less explicit violence, if any. If you are worried if a game is suitable for a child, look for its age rating.


Smartphones are slow and bulky

Two years ago, this was largely true. A smartphone runs a small operating system, much like your PC (but lighter and less featured) that gives it all the features that the device boasts of, and the ability to install applications to enhance usability.

This, of course, requires higher computing power as well as electrical power from the battery. As a direct consequence, the devices were both slow and heavy. But now, paired with power efficient and faster processors, smartphones are lighter than and almost as fast in response as a less featured phone.

A secret key combination unlocks reserve battery power

You really did not think this could be true, did you?

After all, if at all such a feature did exist, the manufacturer would have specified it in the manual to help users in an emergency. Emails are floating around claiming this to be true and even specify a key combination, which does, well, nothing. Remember to keep your phone charged, there is no reserve power to bail you out!

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