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The 30 biggest technology myths exposed

Fact or fiction: we decide

We've rounded up the 30 most common technology myths and misconceptions and explained why they are, in fact, fiction.

Gaming gobbledygook

Graphic cards with more RAM are faster

While more system RAM certainly helps, it is not necessarily the case with video cards. Often, a better video chipset and/or faster clock speeds are more beneficial than more video RAM. For example, a 256MB 7600GT will produce more frames than a 512MB 7300 GT.

The 7600GT has a much faster memory and core speeds that see it perform better in spite of having only half the memory as its slower sibling.

Gaming experience is all about graphics

This statement is not entirely true. Gaming experience and enjoyment is a combination of many factors; how realistic and/or spectacular the game looks, the AI (how effectively the game can simulate the moves of a human opponent), the difficulty in various levels, an engaging plot and how easily you can control your actions in the game.

So, choosing to play a game for mere eye candy will be an incomplete experience if you don't find the plot engaging, and neither will you relish the game if you have to turn down all effects to make a game playable on weak hardware.

Frames per second (fps) numbers are enough to judge a video card's performance in a game

You have finally found a video card in your budget and reviews say it can do 30fps (which seems playable) in a particular game. When you actually play the game on the card you are very likely to be disappointed to see jerky motion in parts of the game. That's because, the 30fps you read about is the average figure and the fps figure can go up to 30 percent lower than the average depending on the kind of game and effects.

Always look for a card that does at least 50fps in the game you wish to play, at the desired resolution and detail levels. Thus, even if the lower figures are down by 30 percent, the game is still just about playable.

On the other hand, if two cards manage 100fps and 120fps, both of them will be equally good with that particular game. The card that does 120fps just has more reserve power for more demanding games.

The latest, fastest video card is required to enjoy PC gaming

The fastest video card is like a mirage for most people, it can only been seen but not acquired. Thankfully, you don't always need the newest and more expensive video card to run games satisfactorily.

A mid-range card that costs about 40 to 60 percent less than the flagship model will often suffice for playing current generation games at medium to high quality settings at an acceptable 1024 x 768 resolution.

There are exceptions, of course, such as that of Crysis, a game that gave a tough time to even top of the line hardware when it was launched. But what we are saying here holds true in most, if not all cases.

If you find that your card is unable to handle current generation games, you can always switch to slightly older titles which will still be playable. This is a compromise, no doubt. But there are enough and more game titles out there.

Also bear in mind that even if you empty your bank balance for the newest and best video card that there is, it is very likely to be outclassed by another model in a few month's time.

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