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The 30 biggest technology myths exposed

Fact or fiction: we decide

We've rounded up the 30 most common technology myths and misconceptions and explained why they are, in fact, fiction.

HD camcorders record higher quality video than normal ones

If the only factor for video quality were to be the resolution, this statement would have been true. But, it is not.

Similar to how a higher megapixel number does not imply a better digital still camera. In a camera or camcorder, video quality is determined mostly by the optical properties of the lens, the noise levels of the sensor and its dynamic range and the kind of compression used.

High Definition (HD) or Standard Definition (SD) only specifies how large the video is going to look on a screen, but does not indicate how good or bad its quality will be. Manufactures are increasingly flaunting the 'HD' capability but entry level HD camcorders offer no significant quality improvements over non-HD models. In fact, an advanced Standard Definition model is in many cases better than a cheaper HD one.

A camera with higher ISO is better than one with a lesser number

In theory, higher sensor sensitivity, indicated by the ISO figure makes for better low light photography. With point-and-shoot cameras however, using a very high ISO number leads to extremely high noise in the images. So much so that if you use the ISO 1600 that some small cameras have, the resulting image will be so noisy that it is hardly usable. If all other features are equal, a higher ISO feature alone is not worth paying a heavy price for.

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