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Analysis: how to build an OS X-free, expandable Mac

Tested: OS X-free Mac clone vs Apple Mac Pro

Ever thought about building a Mac to your exact requirements? Don't pick up your screwdriver until you've read about our attempt to build a Mac - and the pitfalls we encountered.

Wrapping it all up

Overall, I was satisfied with the FrankenMac. (Note the use of past tense: it will be converted into its official role as a Windows gaming system and a platform for testing cross-platform Mac OS X hints once it returns from its battery of tests) While it was fun to build the FrankenMac, the truth is that I'm not generally willing to live with the downsides of a build-your-own Mac over the real thing fresh from Apple's factory.

When I buy a machine from Apple, I know that one warranty covers everything, that all the parts have been designed to work together, that system updates won't leave me with a non-bootable system, and that as much thought went into the design of the interior of the machine as went into the exterior.

Having visited the build-your-own side of the Mac world, I've decided I'm more than happy letting Apple build my Macs for me, it's shown it's much better at it than I am. And who knows? Maybe one day that midrange Mac minitower of my dreams will no longer be mythical.

  1. OS X-free Mac clone vs Apple Mac Pro
  2. Building my own Mac
  3. Booting up our home-made Mac
  4. How our DIY Mac performed compared to the Mac Pro
  5. The pitfalls of DIY Macs
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