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PC Advisor's 11-step designer PC buying guide

Grab yourself a stylish, souped-up bargain PC

Computers come in many different guises; some barely resemble a PC at all. We've had it with plain-vanilla and boring black machines, and we've gone designer. Here's how to get a PC that looks good, both inside and out.

Ever-decreasing circuit boards

Even smaller motherboards and PC cases can be bought. For example, DIY fans can build themselves an entire desktop system based on a laptop motherboard. However, this can be an expensive exercise, given the higher cost of laptop-sized components. And keeping laptops cool requires some skill.

World's Smallest PC sells fanless mini PCs designed for use as discreet entertainment systems. The benefit of going fanless is the lack of operational sound interfering with music and video playback. For a setup that suits the home, either a fanless machine or one acoustically dampened to quell the whirr of fans and busy hard drives will make a real difference.

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