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PC Advisor's 11-step designer PC buying guide

Grab yourself a stylish, souped-up bargain PC

Computers come in many different guises; some barely resemble a PC at all. We've had it with plain-vanilla and boring black machines, and we've gone designer. Here's how to get a PC that looks good, both inside and out.

Super-skinny models

For most of us, though, there's far more cachet in understated style.

Apple's MacBook Air is an obvious example. While Apple's claim that it's the thinnest notebook around seems a little spurious, there's no arguing about the cachet that its products have, nor the appeal of an extremely light laptop. The Air comes with either a 1.6GHz or 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of RAM, an 80GB hard disk and 802.11n Wi-Fi. If you want to be really flash, a 64GB flash memory-based version is also available.

Famously, the MacBook Air has no optical drive, which some will find an issue, but if you're after some iconic eye-candy and want to avoid the risk of broken fingernails, the light-as-a-feather Air may well do.

The other ultra-desirable brand in the laptop stakes is Sony's Vaio range, now expanded to cover more than laptops. If it's an ultraportable model you're after, the TZ range is what you need. These are 11in laptops that weigh just 1.24kg (undercutting the Air's 1.3kg) and come with optical drives as well as Wi-Fi and generous hard disks.

As with the MacBook, a flash-memory version can be had for somewhat more than the £1,199 base price.

MacBook Air

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