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25 top technology products we love

25 gadgets, gizmos, sites and services we adore

Google Earth's Google Sky

Google Earth grew a whole lot more powerful - and engrossing - when it added the Google Sky feature last August. As if being able to visit your childhood home, your first school, and the site of your first wedgie without leaving your desk weren't enough, Google Sky lets you fly around the galaxy and search for monoliths.

This is one application that can actually bring generations together. It's probably the only piece of software that fascinates our grandmothers. And it costs nothing, which is much cheaper than a flight to Europe. Or a flight to Venus.

Google Sky

Kinesis Advantage USB Keyboard (QD Model)

You fingers will fall perfectly on the contours of the Kinesis Advantage USB/QD Keyboard for Macs and PCs. This funny-looking but friendly device, which comes in white and black, puts the space and backspace buttons directly under your thumbs. When you type in the ergonomic Dvorak layout, you barely have to move your fingers beyond the home row.

Your typing speeds will become faster, and long hours at the keyboard are much more comfortable than when you use a flat qwerty keyboard. The QD model has a hardware switch for alternating between the unusual Dvorak and the ubiquitous qwerty layouts, so we can change it to a standard keyboard for visitors who need to use the latter.


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