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When we use an unfamiliar PC and get search-engine results that lack the colored safety icons of SiteAdvisor, we feel like we're stumbling blind into questionable territory.

The terrific free safety tool from McAfee for Firefox and Internet Explorer adds a small coloured icon next to results from Google, Yahoo or MSN to indicate whether a site is hunky-dory, might send you spammy email, or could even try to attack your PC with malware.

What's more, it gives full details on why a site received a particular rating. Of course, it doesn't offer absolutely impenetrable protection, but we'd hate to live without it.

McAfee SiteAdvisor

The mobile internet

We could live without the mobile internet... if we worked from home. But since we have to leave the house, the ability to use the web at speeds that are still fast enough for us to deal with email, do web research, and keep up with the news, helps us forget about the commute. And not being at home.

Apple iPhone

Sad, but true: we can't even begin to remember everything we need to remember. But the Apple iPhone has changed that. We now have all the essentials of digital life - email, calendar, contacts, text messages, web bookmarks, latest YouTube obsessions, and music - at our fingertips in a single sleek device. The iPhone makes us more connected, more accessible, and more productive. It fits a crazy, busy, on-the-go lifestyle perfectly. And it's, like, really cool.

Apple iPhone

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