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25 top technology products we love

25 gadgets, gizmos, sites and services we adore

OpenOffice 2.3

It's hard not to love an office suite that does everything you need and costs you exactly £0. It's not merely that we're tight (we are) or that we hate Microsoft (we don't). The OpenOffice.org suite simply works.

It handles Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with ease and seamless integration. When you're in Writer, you can open a spreadsheet or presentation file with a couple of clicks - without sucking up half your system memory or crashing your PC.

OpenOffice is not perfect, of course. To send files to non-OpenOffice users, you must convert the documents to something more Microsoft-friendly. The suite has few bells and whistles, too. But if you want bells and whistles, buy yourself a trainset.


SATA HDD Stage Rack (3.5in)

This obscure little gadget - the SATA HDD Stage Rack - is an external USB desktop docking station that accepts ordinary 3.5in SATA hard drives. It helps migrate data to new PCs, and it turns unused drives into quick-and-dirty backup cartridges - Veritable 100GB floppies. This device has breathed new life into old drives, which were just collecting dust in a closet. Unfortunately, it's so obscure, you might struggle to find one on sale in the UK.


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