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Assess your PC with PC Performance Monitor

What's going on inside your PC?

To help you work out what will and won’t run on your PC and to give you a general overview of how well it is performing, PC Advisor has introduced a free diagnostic tool. PC Performance Monitor profiles up to three computers, keeping you up to date with the goings on in your system’s innards.

8. The System Monitor widget tracks the overall performance of a Windows-based PC or server. You can use the System Monitor to keep tabs on general system metrics (CPU load, memory consumption, I/O levels), identify bottlenecks and review trending data for up to a week at a time.

PC Performance Monitor: Step 8

9. Choose your target system profile, then click the Results tab. System Monitor offers three profiles: Normal, Power User and Real-Time. Each profile alters the widget's results by adjusting the threshold values for the contributing factors, skewing the resulting compound. Define your own profile by selecting Custom.

PC Performance Monitor: Step 9

10. The Tasks & Alerts widget allows you to configure a set of automated analysis tasks. They happen each hour, and you get an alert if a system exceeds one or more of the thresholds you define. You can configure your own tasks in a similar way as you can with the System Monitor and Process Monitor widgets.

PC Performance Monitor: Step 10

11. Select your PC. For System Task, select Normal, Power User or Real-Time. Then choose from the following: CPU Index (alerts you if your PC is CPU bound); MEM Index (monitors memory usage); I/O Index (calculates the Peak I/O Contention Index); and Process Delay (alerts you if your PC is incurring a per-process delay).

PC Performance Monitor: Step 11

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  1. What's going on inside your PC?
  2. How to use PC Performance Monitor
  3. PC Performance Monitor applications
  4. System Monitor, and Tasks & Alerts
  5. Testing for Windows 7 compatibility

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