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13 new technologies coming to your PC

Analysis: the future of the PC revealed

Ultra-small PCs that fit on a single chip. Batteries that recharge without cables. TVs that respond to your every gesture. These and other developing technologies will fundamentally change the way you think about and use your computer. PC Advisor looks at the technology of tomorrow.

The Google PC

In case you haven't noticed, Google now has its well funded mitts on just about every aspect of computing.

From web browsers to mobile phones, soon you'll be able to spend all day in the Googleverse and never have to leave. Will Google build its own OS next?

What is it?

It's everything, or so it seems. Google Checkout provides an alternative to PayPal. Street View is well on its way to snapping every house on every street in the world. And the fun is just starting: Google's Chrome browser earned a 1 percent market share in the first 24 hours of its existence.

Although Google seems to have covered everything, many observers believe that logically the firm will next attempt to attack a very big part of the software market: the OS. Android, Google's mobile OS, has already arrived with the G1.

When is it coming?

The Google Chrome browser is the first toe Google has dipped into these waters.

While a browser is how users interact with most of Google's products, making the underlying OS somewhat irrelevant, Chrome nevertheless needs an OS to operate.

To make Microsoft irrelevant, Google would have to work its way through a minefield of device drivers. Even then, the result wouldn't be any good for people who need to use specialised applications, particularly business users.

But a simple Google OS, combined with cheap hardware, could change the PC landscape in ways that smaller players who have toyed with open-source OSes so far haven't been able to do.

For an idea of how this could work, see thinkgos.com. We expect Google to have a more tangible offering five years from now.

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  8. Recharge without wires
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  11. The Google PC
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