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More CES News

  • News: Bill Clinton crashes CES to talk politics and the Internet

    Former U.S. President Bill Clinton made a surprise appearance at the International CES on Wednesday, where he talked a little about technology and a lot about hot-button political issues like the environment and gun control.

  • News: BlackBerry 10 looking good, says SAP CIO

    Research In Motion's new BlackBerry 10 operating system looks good and SAP plans to begin supporting RIM handsets for its workforce shortly after the January launch, an SAP executive said Wednesday.

  • News: Stern brings its pinball wizardry to CES

    In a world where dozens of games can fit on a device tucked neatly into your pocket, why would you want a pinball machine to call your very own? Because pinball machines are undeniably awesome. And the machines made by Stern Pinball fit very nicely into your home.

  • News: TechTech21 hammers home a point about device protection

    It sounds like the stuff of tragedy: "Madman menaces tech reporters with mallet." But it was just Tech21's way of showing off the technology behind its protective cases during CES 2013.

  • News: Oculus Rift VR headset prototype works so well it's a little scary

    After testing a prototype version of the Oculus Rift virtual reality device we came away impressed, intrigued and a little disoriented.

  • News: Samsung shows upcoming 8-core Exynos 5 Octa processor

    Samsung has announced its next Exynos processor for smartphones and tablets, an eight-core chip that uses a novel architecture to provide more performance without sucking up battery life.

  • News: An inside look at Samsung's approach to product design

    At a gathering of designers from Samsung's Korea headquarters, the company made it clear that it will continue to push toward being a lifestyle brand, and one that emphasizes connecting consumers with their personal electronics.

  • News: Intel says more PC innovation is on the way

    tablets, ces2013, Intel Corp, Sharon Gaudin

  • News: Netflix offers Super HD streaming to Cablevision, Google Fiber users

    Netflix is bumping up the quality of many of its instant streaming titles to what it calls Super HD, but you won't be able to enjoy it unless you are with a certain U.S. Internet service providers.

  • News: Multipocket concept jacket charges gadgets, plays music

    Technology Enabled Clothing's SCOTTEVEST is bringing all sorts of high-tech features to your jacket -- at least in concept form. SCOTTEVEST introduced its fancy concept jacket, the TEC Jacket 2.0, at ShowStoppers at CES on Tuesday evening.

  • News: New tech promises to expand wireless charging

    PowerbyProxi has developed technology that it says can wireless charge AA batteries, smartphones and even headphones -- all at the same time.

  • News: CES 2013: Diary of a CES Noob, Day 2

    As old CES hands like our own Keith Shaw advised, Tuesday was orders of magnitude more busy than Monday. Now the show had a crush of people to go with its gargantuan physical scale. All the booths were put together and running, everyone's gear was on display - the effect was overwhelming.

  • News: Five smartphone trends from Las Vegas

    In 2013, a high-end smartphone should have a full-HD 5-inch screen and a 13-megapixel camera to remain competitive, if products launched at International CES in Las Vegas this week are an indication of the state of the art for mobile devices.

  • News: Fisher-Price's Apptivity toys turn iPads into immersive playsets (video)

    Fisher-Price is showing off their new Apptivity line of toys, which pair a physical playset with its own iPad app. The toys are technically designed for toddlers and young children, but we got some time hands-on time with them at CES' Digital Experience on Monday and were treated to a play experience that's potentially unlike any other.

  • News: Lukup Player adds color and content to your HDTV

    Coming up with new and better ways for you to watch various forms of content on your HDTV is like a sport for the consumer electronics industry. The latest ambitious competitor is Lukup Media, which is previewing its Lukup Player at CES.

  • News: Up close with Canon's tiny, Wi-Fi-enabled PowerShot N

    Canon's headline camera announcement at CES 2013 is a unique little point-and-shoot that boasts a tilting touchscreen, built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, and somehow, an 8X-optical-zoom lens (28mm to 224mm). All those things are packed into a camera that isn't too much bigger than a short (and hinged) stack of Saltines.

  • News: Lost gadgets can find their way home with FinderCodes (video)

    Some people just excel at losing things. Whether it be keys, sunglasses, or cell phones, items seem to simply slip right through their fingers. While there are a few ways to combat the tendency to lose track of personal articles -- the key fobs that respond to a whistle comes to mind -- they generally only work when they're in range (and have battery life). One company at CES has taken a high-tech approach to reuniting misplaced items with their owners.

  • News: Neurosky demos brain-controlled cat ears and helicopter (video)

    Neurosky has been around for awhile--we've covered them several times in the past--and they don't have any huge announcements for CES 2013. However, we did get a chance to do a hands-on (or rather, heads-on) demonstration with the Necomimi brain-controlled cat ear headband, as well as with the PuzzleBox Orbit, which is a brain-controlled helicopter that rises and falls based on your concentration level.

  • News: B&O Play unleashes new speakers and TVs you probably can't afford

    Let's just get this part out of the way--B&O Play products are expensive. And they also happen to look and sounds pretty great. The sister company to Bang & Olufsen brought some fancy new toys with it to CES this year, including a new HDTV and some lovely in-wall speakers

  • News: Invisible Phone Guard protects your gear from rogue hammers and knives

    How many times has this happened to you? You're focusing on the perfect phrasing for your tweet, when some random jerk comes running by and smashes your phone with a claw hammer?

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