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More CES News

  • News: Hottest Android news & rumors for the week ending Jan. 11, CES-style

    ZTE and Huawei took home most of the device-related headlines from this year's International CES in Las Vegas, which didn't exactly provide an earthshaking amount of Android news for a show of its size. Nevertheless, the companies both demonstrated strong new offerings, and other players, including Samsung and Sony, made their own hardware-related waves.

  • News: Sharp's HD touchscreen offers pen-like sensing

    Japan's Sharp has developed a high-definition touchscreen that can be used with a stylus that resembles a conventional pen.

  • News: GoPro, iON cameras turn your life into a movie

    Point-of-view camera makers iON and GoPro hawked new devices at the International CES, in the wake of explosive growth in the market in recent years.

  • News: RIM at CES: 5 things to know about BlackBerry 10

    Research in Motion is at CES this week talking up BlackBerry 10, the company's smartphone refresh set to debut January 30. Despite five years of floundering behind Apple's iPhone and Google Android devices, RIM is generating interest in BlackBerry 10 with a slick, touch-centric smartphone OS with interesting features such as an adaptive keyboard and WebOS-like interface.

  • News: CES 2013: OLED TV roundup

    4K TVs have dominated CES this year, but OLED isn’t far behind. Just about every manufacturer had something to show off, including Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and LG

  • News: Samsung previews foldable, rollable 'Youm' smartphone displays

    Flexible OLEDs that can be rolled up or wrapped around the sides of smartphones are getting closer to reality. Samsung Electronics showed some of its prototype flexible displays at CES Wednesday and launched a new brand name for them, Youm.

  • News: LG launches new Ultra HD 4K TVs at CES 2013

    Ultra HD could be the next TV ‘revolution’. We take a look at LG’s new 4K range of TVs including 84, 65 and 55in models. UPDATED: 10th January 2013

  • News: Microsoft exec doesn't rule out Intel-based Windows Phones

    After Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made a surprise appearance during a Qualcomm keynote at International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), some analysts wondered how married the company is to Snapdragon chips and the ARM-based ecosystem.

  • News: Segregated healthcare networks rarely work, expert says

    While ideal for security, it would inhibit critical information sharing in integrated systems

  • News: SAP's CIO hits CES to understand consumerization of IT

    Oliver Bussmann, CIO at SAP, boasts he has 6,000 followers on Twitter. He also makes a point of attending trade shows like the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to grab ideas on new innovations.

  • News: Biggest, brightest, and best HDTVs at CES 2013

    HDTVs take center stage at CES 2013

  • News: Lenovo unveils K900 smartphone on Atom chip

    Lenovo's new IdeaPhone K900 smartphone, shown at International CES, is a big phone with a 5.5-in. display that's also very lightweight at 5.7 ounces.

  • News: Tablets threaten laptops, but there's more to this picture

    This is it: 2013 is the year that tablets surpass notebooks in sales and assume their rightful place atop the mobile computing gadget throne. Don't start playing "Taps" for the notebooks just yet, though--they're not really going anywhere.

  • News: Mad Catz gaming keyboard acts like Legos

    You probably recognize the Mad Catz brand from its high-quality arcade sticks and gamepads, but you might not know about its PC gaming peripherals. That will change once you get a look at the 'S.T.R.I.K.E. 7', a modular keyboard that's remarkably easy to break apart and put back together in a radically new configuration. It's the ultimate DIY keyboard, even without the detachable touchscreen display (with a similarly goofy name: the 'V.E.N.O.M.').

  • News: Microsoft's CES no-show: Epic fail or epic foresight?

    It should've been awkward. This year's CES is the first show since Microsoft's amicable split with the Consumer Electronics Association. Redmond severed deep ties, giving up an annual booth in a marquee floor spot, and sidelining the dynamic duo of Ballmer and Gates, who had warmed up the crowd at 15 of the past 18 opening keynotes. Going in to this year's show, we expected the ambiance to match that first uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinner after your parents get divorced.

  • News: CES reveals the four new rules of PC simplicity

    Behold the PCs of CES 2013. They are simpler, smarter, easier to use, and more portable than their now ever-so-clunky predecessors. No mice or keyboards are required. Indeed, these are not your daddy's computers. And let's not even call them PCs. How about: Tablets, hybrids, all-in-ones, and even Table PCs.

  • News: CES 2013: From Russia with e-Ink - hands-on with the YotaPhone

    If you're a serious Android-watcher, you've probably heard of the YotaPhone - the Russian-built Android phone that packs a rear-mounted e-Ink display in addition to a standard touchscreen.

  • News: Samsung introduces Youm flexible smartphone

    Samsung has shown off its new flexible display technology for smartphones at CES 2013 called Youm.

  • News: Intel CTO says we're watching rebirth of the PC

    Intel CTO Justin Rattner said the traditional PC couldn't survive in the age of the gadget and that we're in the midst of the rebirth of the PC.

  • News: Intel still struggling in smartphones as ARM rivals move forward

    It's been a year since the introduction of the first Intel Inside handset, but the company's struggles to break into the smartphone market continue as rivals Nvidia and Qualcomm improved speed and power efficiency of ARM chips, which dominate that market.

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