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More CES News

  • News: Audi and GM are putting LTE in new cars

    Car makers such as Audi and GM are integrating LTE wireless technology in their new models, offering customers faster access to the Internet but not much choice since they have both signed deals with AT&T.

  • News: Gadget makers produce smarter lightbulbs

    Nobody is running around International CES screaming "Fiat lux"--but maybe they should be, given the number of products aiming to smarten up your home lighting setup that are getting a showcase at CES this year. The 2014 show has yet to even officially open its doors, but it seems like a spotlight will shine on improvements to light bulbs this year, if demos at product preview events are anything to go by.

  • News: Welcome to the era of radical innovation

    Moore's Law created a stable era for technology, and now that era is nearing its end. But it may be a blessing to say goodbye to a rule that's driven the semiconductor industry since the 1960s.

  • News: Intel chief opens CES with parade of wearables

    Intel's CEO, battling to keep the company relevant as computing moves beyond the PC, introduced a new line of wearable computers Monday night, including a connected smartwatch and a pair of earbuds with a built-in heart monitor.

  • News: Sony announces the Xperia Z1S and this time it's fully waterproof

    Sony has had a tough time turning its Xperia brand into a household name, but it continues to press on with handset releases in the hopes that something will stick.

  • News: Epson embraces wearables with new Pulsense wrist bands, updated smart glasses

    LAS VEGAS--I say Epson, you say printers. I say Epson, you say projectors. Sure, the company is probably best known for rather prosaic office appliances, but now Epson is doubling down on its expertise in sensor technology and chip design to make a bigger statement in the wearables market.

  • News: Sony expands 4K TV range with nine new models

    Sony added nine more models in three series to its 4K TV range at the International CES show on Monday, promising cheaper offerings but not specifying prices.

  • News: Samsung forecasts operating profit drop in fourth quarter

    Samsung Electronics has given guidance that its operating profit in the fourth quarter of 2013 is likely to be down from the same quarter a year ago, although sales may have grown marginally.

  • News: Intel developing smart bracelet, parades wearable devices

    Intel is developing a smart wrist device and showing a host of prototype wearable devices at this week's International CES trade show with the hope to find the next big hit.

  • News: Intel's smallest computer to power wearable devices

    Intel hopes a new mini-computer the size of an SD card will drive growth for it in the wearables market.

  • News: Samsung offers new Android tablets and curved UHD TV

    Samsung introduced a 105-inch, curved-screen, Ultra High Definition TV at a pre-International CES news event, but the new product was upstaged when movie director Michael Bay walked offstage because of a problem with a teleprompter.

  • News: Driverless shuttle aimed at campuses, inner cities

    A driverless shuttle vehicle unveiled at CES can carry up to 10 people, learning any new route with a single trip and responding to rider stops when requested.

  • News: Control Parrot's new pint-sized drone from your phone

    Amazon has big plans for delivery drones, but drones aren't just for commercial and military use: You can buy a drone of your very own from Parrot.

  • News: Hands-on with the TrewGrip keyboard

    Few people, it must be said, probably yearn for a mini keyboard that vaguely resembles the unholy union of a pasta shell with an accordion. And when that pairing lures an iPad mini to its bower? Then you get products like the TrewGrip.

  • News: 2015 Corvette Stingray records your racetrack romps

    On a tire-scarred track in Las Vegas, a Chevy Corvette Stingray showed me the future of automotive data collection. A new app called the Performance Data Recorder (PDR) runs in the iconic sports coupe and can record video as you drive, track your 0-60 time, and show the current G-force level. Even better, the car saves the video and data to an SD card for later use. While the app won't debut until the 2015 Stingray hits showrooms this fall, I had a chance to test it out in a retrofitted 2014 model at the Spring Mountain Raceway just before CES.

  • News: Sony introduces $2,000 4K camcorder

    Sony took the wraps off a new, low-cost 4K camcorder at the International CES 2014 on Monday, bringing a much-needed tool to a market still suffering from a lack of content.

  • News: Dell's Alienware Steam Machine takes aim at Xbox One, PlayStation 4

    Dell wants to compete with the Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles, introducing a fully loaded gaming PC with the Linux-based, SteamOS operating system.

  • News: Dish expands Hopper's reach beyond your living room

    Your living room appears to be the next battlefront where companies will fight for your hearts, minds, and eyeballs. And Dish Network is gearing up to capture its share.

  • News: 2015 Hyundai Genesis gets Google Glass app, destination search

    The rumors were true: When Hyundai's 2015 Genesis ships in the spring, its Blue Link telematics platform will include destination search via Google. In addition, the car will come with two apps: Genesis Intelligent Assistant and Google Glass Blue Link app.

  • News: Asus Duet hybrid swaps between Android and Windows

    Asus is adding another dual-OS convertible to its stable. The all-new Transformer Book Duet TD300 is a laptop/tablet convertible that can instantly switch between the Windows 8.1 and Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating systems with the push of a button.

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