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  • News: New auction tools for eBay and PayPal

    eBay is working on services that will give buyers and sellers new tools - such as a shopping cart, further item information, and more fixed-price options - on the online auction site.

  • News: Microsoft blogger Scoble quits for podcast startup

    Robert Scoble, a Microsoft technology evangelist and one of its best-known bloggers, is leaving to join a podcasting startup.

  • News: Cable and Wireless halts broadband retail sales

    Cable and Wireless will stop selling broadband to end users, just a week after a second "free" broadband offering hit the UK market, the company said Thursday.

  • News: Google pushes Firefox browser sync tool

    In another boost to Mozilla, Google has created a tool that lets users synchronize the settings of their Firefox browsers across multiple computers.

  • News: Dell selling Super 3G laptops

    Dell is now taking orders for laptops with built-in HSDPA (high speed downlink packet access, otherwise known as Super 3G) 3G, as mobile operators start to roll the service out on their networks.

  • News: Google's search crushes Yahoo, MSN

    Google held on to its commanding lead as the preferred search engine in the US in May, processing almost 60 percent of all queries filed, way ahead of its two closest competitors Yahoo and Microsoft.

  • News: AOL subscribers revolt over email ads

    Millions have cancelled their AOL subscriptions in recent years, but Barbara Borchers has remained a loyal paying member of the internet service provider since 1997.

  • News: Microsoft takes aim at MySpace

    Microsoft is planning to incorporate social networking features into its MSN Spaces blog publishing and hosting service and build in support for Gadgets.

  • News: Russian extortion Trojan hits web

    A week after a woman from Rochdale was reported to have fallen victim to an encryption Trojan, Arhiveus-A, an older rival has reappeared on the internet.

  • News: Intel looks beyond entertainment with Viiv

    For the moment, Intel's Viiv platform is all about digital entertainment, but that might not always be the case.

  • News: Web-based spreadsheet offered by Google?

    Google will launch a web-based spreadsheet program today, as it continues building a suite of office applications to rival those offered by Microsoft, according to reports.

  • News: AMD to resell Transmeta chip

    AMD will resell a processor designed by Transmeta for Microsoft's pay-as-you-go PC initiative as part of a strategy to connect people in developing countries to the internet, Transmeta said yesterday.

  • News: Yahoo to revamp My Web

    Yahoo plans to unveil improvements to its My Web social bookmarking service today, including a revamped interface designed to make it simpler to use.

  • News: Microsoft awards research grants

    Microsoft has awarded 12 grants to scientists studying various aspects of search-engine technology, in an attempt by the company to foster research in this area.

  • News: Parliament 'should not legislate DRM'

    In a report released today, a group of lawmakers advised the government not to make DRM systems mandatory.

  • News: Firefox update fixes 12 security bugs

    Mozilla has released updates to its Firefox browser and Thunderbird email client that fix a number of critical security flaws in the open-source products.

  • News: $100 laptop to feature innovative LCDs

    Nicholas Negroponte's '$100 laptop computer' will cost about $135 (about £70) when available to children in developing countries by the middle of next year.

  • News: AOL fixes major email problem

    AOL has fixed a major problem that affected its tens of millions of email users worldwide for several hours last week, but what caused the snarl remains a mystery to the internet access and services provider.

  • News: Acer revs up dual-core Ferrari laptops

    Acer has thrown down the gauntlet in its racing-car rivalry with Asus, launching the latest upgrades to its Ferrari series of notebook PCs, the first dual-core additions to the family.

  • News: RIM launches slimmed-down BlackBerry

    Research In Motion, the Canadian company that makes the popular BlackBerry handset, yesterday announced another model.

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