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  • News: Nominet and Icann settle feud

    On Friday Icann, the US-based organisation responsible for overseeing internet domain names, announced that it had exchanged letters with Nominet, the company that manages the UK's top-level domain.

  • News: IM interoperability 'not on track'

    Users of MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger will have to wait longer for the promised interoperability between the two programs to come to fruition.

  • News: 198 charges against IBM thrown out

    A judge has thrown out nearly 200 claims of intellectual property violation filed against IBM by SCO on the grounds that SCO didn't identify the alleged infringements in enough detail.

  • News: WGA kill switch in Windows XP denied

    On Friday Microsoft dismissed theories that it plans to cripple copies of Windows XP if users don't install Windows Genuine Advantage, its contentious antipiracy tool.

  • News: Google attempts to get lawsuit dismissed

    A lawyer has told a federal judge that Google should be able to use any criteria it chooses to rank websites.

  • News: Microsoft antipiracy program worm appears

    A piece of malware masquerading as Microsoft's antipiracy tool is doing the rounds.

  • News: Microsoft offers IE 7.0 Public Beta

    Microsoft has posted a mildly revised and more secure Beta 3.0 version of Internet Explorer 7.0 free for public download.

  • News: Blackberry subscriber numbers rising

    The number of people signed up to RIM's Blackberry service has climbed since the end of a high-profile intellectual property rights lawsuit, the company said yesterday.

  • News: China to crack down on blogs

    The supervision of blogs and search engines by the Chinese government is to be stepped up. The state-owned media has reported that the government wishes to crack down on 'illegal and unhealthy' content.

  • News: Google builds own servers in efficiency drive

    Google builds its own servers to cut costs, its senior vice-president of operations said yesterday.

  • News: Two pirates sent to prison

    The US Department of Justice on Wednesday announced that two men had been sent to prison for their participation in online software piracy.

  • News: Office 2007 release date pushed back

    Yet another delay in the development of Microsoft's Office 2007 means that the product is now likely to ship a few months later than expected, Microsoft said yesterday.

  • News: Bugs in IE let hackers into your email

    There were warnings today that flaws in Microsoft's IE (Internet Explorer) could allow attackers to take control of your system.

  • News: 'Click fraud' suit settled by Yahoo

    Yahoo yesterday announced that it has settled a class-action lawsuit by agreeing to compensate advertisers for click fraud dating back to January 2004.

  • News: Google loses appeal in trademark suit

    Google has lost its appeal in a trademark case brought by Louis Vuitton, which complained that advertisers were using its name unfairly to sell goods online.

  • News: Reach of mobile push email to extend

    Orange has started to roll out a push email service that it hopes will appeal to small businesses and extend the reach of the technology across the workforce in larger businesses.

  • News: Google launches Checkout payments system

    After more than a year of speculation, Google today plans to release its online-payments system. It is likely to surprise many because its reach will extend further than previously thought.

  • News: Hopping aboard the WiMax bus

    With a Mobile WiMax service about to soft-launch in Seoul, one of South Korea's biggest telecom carriers, KT, last week demonstrated the mobile-internet service to reporters.

  • News: Details of Amazon, MSN flaws published

    A security researcher has gone public with details of flaws on Microsoft and Amazon's websites, while voicing frustration at what he perceives as the respective companies' lack of response.

  • News: Google will have its day in court

    Google will go to court tomorrow in a bid to convince a judge to dismiss a lawsuit that challenges the core of the company's business: its methods for indexing and ranking web pages.

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