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  • News: ABC's Oscars live stream was dead in the water

    So if Twitter and Samsung were the big winners at the Oscars Sunday night, the loser was definitely ABC--at least from a cord-cutting perspective. The first-ever live stream was a total flop.

  • News: Free the TV: VBox's DVR lets you record and watch from any device

    Cord cutters have no shortage of ways to get their favorite shows on their TV, from Netflix and Hulu on a smart TV or set-top box, to antenna-connected DVRs like the Channel Master DVR+ that wowed us at CES. VBox's is very similar--it's a whole-home DVR that connects to your network and lets you watch and record live TV on multiple devices at once.

  • News: With Netflix deal, Comcast hangs 'Kick Me' sign on net neutrality

    If you've never really grokked what the lack of net neutrality would mean for the Internet, Comcast and Netflix provided you with a handy object lesson on Sunday.

  • News: Logitech launches new wireless, NFC-capable speaker

    Logitech has released a new wireless speaker compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers. The UE Mini Boom crams a lot of new technology, like NFC and modular pairing, into its small, affordable price-tag.

  • News: House of Cards returns, and 6 other streaming originals hope to topple it

    Everyone's favorite streaming TV show is back, just in time for a long weekend of planting yourself on the couch, ignoring the awful weather outside, and catching up with Frank Underwood's twisted rise to power. It's the most successful straight-to-Internet show ever, and for a good reason.

  • News: Download every De La Soul album for free for today only

    Good news, hip hop fans! Legendary trio De La Soul has got a surprise gift for you this Valentine's Day. Starting at 11 A.M Eastern/8 A.M. Pacific on Friday, the entire De La Soul catalog will be available to download for free from the group's website.

  • News: Brainwave-to-music helmet hits Adelaide Fringe

    Internode will help to transform brain signals into music with a BrainWave helmet and its accompanying software at Adelaide's Fringe Festival.

  • News: Xbox Music to add parental advisory warnings, upcoming song info

    Microsoft is currently adding an update to the Xbox Music for Windows 8.1 app that will call out songs with "parental advisory" labels, according to a Microsoft partner.

  • News: Beep aims to make dumb speakers smart

    If you have any old speaker systems or boomboxes lying around the house, Beep has a plan to usher them into the Internet age.

  • News: MLB.TV to play ball with Xbox One, PlayStation 4 during 2014 season

    The confetti from Super Bowl celebrations hasn't even been swept up yet, and already Major League Baseball is here to remind you that the first pitch of the 2014 season is right around the corner. And when those games do get underway, you'll be able to watch them on more devices than you did last year.

  • News: Valve's Steam Music will let you game to your jams

    Remember when Steam only sold games? Valve's digital games marketplace is becoming quite the all-access shop these days, between its in-home streaming capabilities, the new SteamOS operating system, those fancy Steam Machines... and now we can add one more to the list: music playback.

  • News: Beam your photos to the big screen with Chromecast's AllCast support

    Chromecast users finally have a way to send their own photos and videos to the television, thanks to AllCast.

  • News: Google Chromecast SDK lets developers super-size their apps for TV

    App developers can now push their software onto a TV screen using a software development kit that Google is introducing for its Chromecast media streaming device.

  • News: Last.fm teams up with Spotify to offer personalized on-demand music listening

    What's old is new again at Last.fm: On-demand listening is returning to the music recommendation service thanks to a newly announced partnership with Spotify.

  • News: Beats Music doubles trial period after first week sign-up snags

    Beats Music was singing the Obamacare Site blues this week as its servers were overcome and it could not sign up new users. Actually, it was able to register users for the free trial, but that's all. It could not then turn on the service for those users.

  • News: MOG dies so that Beats Music may live

    There's a new kid on the music streaming block taking on popular incumbents such as Pandora, Rhapsody, and Spotify. Beats Music went live for U.S. users Tuesday, with apps available for both Android and iOS. A Windows Phone app is also in the works--but the new service's life comes with a blood sacrifice from MOG, another Beats-held streaming music service.

  • News: 10 classic films to stream for free on Crackle

    In the world of streaming movies, Netflix and Hulu get all the attention, but Crackle is a force to be reckoned with. The site has a smallish, but still comparable film and television library, plus some original Web shows, and the best part is that it's absolutely free. Viewers don't need to sign up or even log in, unless they want to share videos or create a queue. The main catch is that, though the movies are not cut for content, they do have unskippable ads every so often--just like watching television in the innocent days before TiVo.

  • News: HBO to bring HBO Go to PS3, PS4; password sharing is officially OK

    Sony's PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 will soon add the HBO Go app, allowing their users access to the digital world of HBO content.

  • News: 7 things Beats Music must do to beat Spotify

    Beats Electronics's new music subscription service, Beats Music, will launch next Tuesday, January 21, entering an increasingly crowded music streaming market where nobody has really come up with a great way to suggest new music to listeners.

  • News: BitTorrent's legit Bundles edge out pirated content in top downloads

    You probably heard that Bruno Mars and Rihanna were the most pirated artists of 2013, which third-party analysts gleaned from taking a look at BitTorrent downloads. But not so fast: BitTorrent says its more legit offerings saw significantly more downloads than Mars or Rihanna. Surprisingly, Moby's Innocents bundle of singles and videos was downloaded 9 million times last year, well over the nearly 5.8 million illegal downloads of Bruno Mars's albums and tracks.

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