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  • News: Bluesound wireless audio system offers high-resolution streaming

    Bluesound aims to bring the high-resolution audio experience into your home with a wireless system that can scale from one room to many rooms. Think Sonos, but with higher quality sound reproduction for those of you who are more serious about your audio than the average listener.

  • News: Roku hops on the screen mirroring bandwagon, adding feature for Android, Windows

    Roku is striking back at Chromecast and Apple TV's Airplay with screen mirroring for Android and Windows.

  • News: Google finding its rhythm with streaming music service

    Reports are hitting that Google is just weeks away from launching a new streaming music service.

  • News: Move over Chromecast: $25 Firefox-powered Matchstick streaming adapter revealed

    Remember back in June when we told you about a Firefox OS-powered HDTV dongle that was in the works? Well, the device is almost here and it's called Matchstick, according to a blog post on Mozilla's site.

  • News: Steam Music emerges from beta, ready to rock your tunes through Steam's overlay

    The Steam updates are flying fast and furious--after this week's earlier Discovery Update, Valve has now pushed Steam Music to the public at large, concluding a beta period that began back in February.

  • News: Sorry, Netflix and Hulu: YouTube is the top spot to watch TV online

    YouTube is the most popular source for online TV, with Netflix coming in second and Hulu third. That's the conclusion of a 2,400-person survey conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates, one of broadcast television's most respected consulting firms. The survey was conducted in June 2014, with the results being released to CNET on Monday.

  • News: Sling's TV place-shifting gains Chromecast support

    Good news for Chromecast dongle users! Sling Media has upgraded its iPhone, iPad, and Android phone Slingplayer smartphone apps to stream Sling-connected content to any TV fitted with a Chromecast dongle. (An Android tablet app is in the works and coming soon.)

  • News: ESPN still pondering standalone streaming service, but not the one you want

    A common refrain among cable subscribers is that they'd cut the cord if they could still watch sports in general and ESPN in particular. But ESPN isn't exactly going to help them out.

  • News: Deezer's streaming music lands in the U.S., aimed at Sonos audiophiles

    The streaming music service Deezer is about to land in the United States, but it's taking a much different approach than rivals such as Spotify and Rdio.

  • News: Netflix to join Internet Slowdown protest Sept 10

    Netflix has joined the "Internet Slowdown Day" protest against the FCC potentially allowing Internet "slow" and "fast" lanes. Scheduled for this Wednesday, September 10, Netflix and other participating sites will demonstrate what a two-tiered Web might look like, by running simulated page-loading icons on its pages. Other websites taking part include the ACLU, I Can Has Cheezburger, Digg, Etsy, Foursquare, Kickstarter, Mozilla, Reddit, Upworthy, Urban Dictionary, Vimeo, and WordPress. Porn sites Pornhub, Redtube and Youporn will also be involved. Note: The slowdown will only be simulated, not actual--the spinning "loading" icons you'll see on those sites are entirely symbolic.

  • News: Netflix tests bite-sized video clips for brief mobile viewing

    When Netflix subscribers use the service on their smartphone or tablet, the vast majority of those viewing sessions last 10 minutes or less. That's why Netflix is currently testing out short-form clips that give mobile users quick hits of their favorite TV shows, movies, and stand-up comedy shows while on the go.

  • News: Spotify full-screen video ads inbound: Watch a 30-second video on mobile, get 30 minutes of ad-free music

    Spotify is getting into video, but Netflix has nothing to fear. The streaming music service plans to bring full-screen video ads to its free listening tier.

  • News: Google adding GPS, offline music playback to Android Wear smartwatches

    Smartwatches powered by Google's Android Wear operating system will soon become a little more useful, with features like GPS support and offline music playback.

  • News: Mass Fidelity says it can do better than stereo with its new wireless speaker, 'The Core'

    If I had a nickel for every manufacturer that pitched a new Bluetooth speaker, a dime for every company that told me they had a multi-room system that was superior to Sonos, and a quarter for every inventor pleading for coverage of their crowd-funding campaign, I could fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool with change. So it was with some reluctance that I booked a demo with Mass Fidelity to hear its wireless speaker, dubbed "The Core."

  • News: Will patent trolls put a stop to your favorite podcasts?

    If you've got a mobile device, chances are you subscribe to a podcast or two. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there available to millions of listeners. And a company that holds a patent that it claims covers podcasting wants in on the action.

  • News: 10 international Criterion Collection films to stream on Hulu Plus

    Hulu Plus is not just for catching up on this week's episodes of The Daily Show or binge-watching old seasons of The Real Housewives of Orange County. It's also home to a huge number of films distributed by the Criterion Collection, a prestige company that since the Laserdisc days of the 1990s has been fulfilling its promise to release "a continuing series of important classic and contemporary films." And since not every important film was made in the United States (shocking but true), here are 10 of the best international films in the Criterion Collection, all streaming on Hulu Plus.

  • News: Amazon puts the power to greenlight pilots back in your hands

    If you've ever been watching TV and thought that you could pick better shows than the ones that made it to the airwaves, Amazon is giving you another shot. The company has just debuted its third pilot season, when it rolls out new Amazon Originals and lets viewers vote on which ones become full-season series.

  • News: Samsung tips Amazon 4K video streaming for October

    Amazon will start streaming its original shows in 4K resolution in October, at least according to Samsung.

  • News: Spotify's Chromecast-like Spotify Connect feature coming to smart TVs

    When Spotify Connect debuted last September it was aimed at integrating the music streaming service with wireless speakers and home audio systems. Now, Spotify Connect's reach is moving beyond home audio to smart TVs.

  • News: Rhapsody unRadio is no Pandora One killer but it's free (for some)

    In June, Rhapsody and T-Mobile announced Rhapsody unRadio, a subscription streaming music service. This isn't the first time we've seen such an arrangement. Mobile carriers and music streaming services are increasingly getting together in this one-hand-washes-the-other kind of way (as evidenced by the relationships between AT&T and Beats Music and Sprint and Spotify). Getting free or less-expensive music streaming is a perk that might attract customers to a particular carrier, and pre-packaging the services with specific data plans increases the services' visibility.

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