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  • News: Legal action threatens Vista, iTunes & iPod

    Media Rights Technologies (MRT), developers of technology that prevents users from ripping digital media streams, has filed a Cease and Desist letter against Apple, Microsoft, Adobe and Real. The organisation claims the companies are responsible for violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and intellectual property law.

  • News: Music labels reveal Apple iTunes dominance

    Apple's iTunes service dominates online music retail, the latest figures from aggregator Digital Music Group (DMG) confirm.

  • News: Roxio Crunch targets Apple TV, iPod & iPhone

    Roxio released Roxio Crunch, a software application for converting video into formats for playback on different devices.

  • News: IT investors back Apple, AMD & HP

    Concerns about retail sales and the US trade deficit Thursday put a halt to the recent increase in market indexes, including the technology-oriented Nasdaq, but news from bellwether IT vendors such as Apple, AMD and HP show that underlying computer sector issues are still uppermost in the minds of IT investors.

  • News: Motorola angry at Apple iPhone questions

    Motorola chairman and CEO Ed Zander says his company is ready for competition from Apple iPhone, due out in the US next month, and Europe later this year.

  • News: Essential Vista/iPod fix released

    Microsoft has released what it calls the "final" Vista fix for a problem that iPod and iTunes users had been having with the new operating system since its 30 January launch

  • News: Disney breaks iTunes sales record

    The Walt Disney Co sold 23.7 million television episodes and two million movies via Apple’s iTunes Store in its most recent quarter, according to Disney CEO Bob Iger.

  • News: Pink iPod cases fund breast-cancer research

    Belkin has introduced pink versions of its iPod nano cases, the Sport Armband and Remix Metal. Available from BestBuy the iPod nano cases each cost $30 (around £16); they went on sale on Sunday. A portion of the proceeds go to a breast cancer charity.

  • News: Greenpeace backs Apples green efforts

    Environmental group Greenpeace has responded to Apple CEO Steve Jobs' open letter on the environmental issues facing his company and the industry. Greenpeace seems pleased with the steps Apple has committed to taking, raising the company's ranking from a 2.7 to a 5 out of 10.

  • News: BlackBerry Curve beats iPhone to launch

    One month before Apple is set to release the iPhone, Research In Motion (RIM) has announced a new BlackBerry smartphone it calls Curve. Also called the 8300, the devices expected to be released this spring (individual carriers will announce prices as the roll out the phone).

  • News: Creative launches £28 MP3 player

    Creative is launching a small-capacity MP3 player that has the same capacity but is the half price of Apple's Shuffle player. Known as the Zen Stone, the new £28 player will be available in six glossy finishes: black, red, pink, blue, green or white and has a capacity of 1GB. Apple’s updated iPod Shuffle is available in white, pink, blue, green or orange. Its 1GB version costs £55.

  • News: 'Green' Apple targets iPod & monitors

    In an open letter posted to the company's website on Wednesday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs outlined plans to remove toxic chemicals from its products, making "A Greener Apple”.

  • News: Critical Winamp bug threat to PC users

    Security companies have warned Winamp users that the music player application has a bug that could give attackers the means to hijack PCs.

  • News: The Crimea offers free album online

    British band, The Crimea, is trying out a new way to increase its fan base by offering its new album for free online.

  • News: Mattel develops BarbieGirl MP3 player

    Mattel has created an MP3 player that looks like a doll and can be transformed into live characters at BarbieGirls.com.

  • News: iTunes threatened by DRM-free music

    Apple's iPod and iTunes Store dominate online music, with the recording industry reporting that nearly 13 percent fewer CDs were sold in 2006 than the previous year, while sales of downloaded digital songs increased by almost 60 percent. But will DRM-free music and subscription-based services change the way we consume music?

  • News: Microsoft planning new Zune players

    New Zune music players are in the works as Microsoft steps up the batte against Apple's iPod. But some analysts are unsure whether new form factors or functions will significantly boost Zune's popularity

  • News: Europe to tidy up online music "mess"

    Providers of online music services in Europe should benefit from a new one-stop licensing system aimed at simplifying the complex process of obtaining music distribution rights across the continent.

  • News: iPod's UK share behind other markets

    Apple chief operating officer Tim Cook said the iPod remains the dominant media player across the world, although competing devices are taking a chunk out of the UK market.

  • News: Apple boosted by iPod & Mac sales

    Apple’s Mac and iPod product lines reported impressive growth during the first three months of the year, helping Apple achieve $5.26bn in revenue and $770m in profit in Q1.

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