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  • News: Creative offers iPod shuffle speaker system

    Creative has launched a dedicated speaker system for users of Apple's iPod shuffle.

  • News: Each Apple iPhone costs AT&T $18 per month

    Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster believes Apple is taking $18 per month for each iPhone subscriber under its deal with AT&T.

  • News: Samsung builds 64Gb NAND chip

    Samsung has built a 64GB NAND flash memory chip which uses 30-nanometre processing technology and was developed using Samsung's SaDPT (self-aligned double patterning technology).

  • News: Apple to release unlocked iPhone

    Apple is releasing an unlocked version of the iPhone that will allow users to run it on various cellular networks. But you have to live in France to get it.

  • News: Apple offers cut-price iTunes Plus tracks

    Apple is introducing cut-price 79p tracks from independent labels to its iTunes Plus service, though EMI's catalogue retains the 99p price.

  • News: iPhone & iPod touch to get third-party apps

    Apple will release an SDK (software developers' kit) for the iPhone and iPod touch in February, according to Steve Jobs.

  • News: 16GB iPhone on sale before Christmas?

    A 16GB version of Apple's iPhone could be released in time for Christmas, according to the latest rumours surrounding the iPod/mobile phone hybrid.

  • News: Greenpeace: Apple iPhone is hazardous

    Apple's iPhone contains hazardous chemicals not used by other manufacturers, according to Greenpeace.

  • News: Apple, AT&T face $1bn US iPhone lawsuit

    Because the iPhone is locked to AT&T's wireless network, Apple and AT&T must answer a class-action lawsuit seeking $1.2bn in damages. The class-action suit also notes that Apple will not allow unauthorised applications on the iPhone.

  • News: October 2007's coolest gadgets revealed

    Every year in October, Japan's largest electronics show, Ceatec, showcases all that's new and upcoming from the world's sharpest consumer electronics vendors. Ceatec 2007 brought us some world-first technologies, including a 3mm thick TV, a laptop with super-charged graphics processing and some new high-definition video recorders.

  • News: Music label plans giant iTunes competitor

    The head of Universal Music Group is enlisting the support of other major record labels to launch a new music subscription service that will try to loosen Apple's grip on the online music market, according to a news report today.

  • News: Olive, MusicGiants offer lossless DRM-free music

    Olive and MusicGiants yesterday announced that users of Olive's Opus media player will be able to purchase and download DRM-free digital music made with lossless compression techniques.

  • News: George Harrison music available on Apple iTunes

    Yesterday Apple announced the release of George Harrison's musical catalogue on its Apple iTunes music store.

  • News: Samsung unveils three new music phones

    Samsung has revealed a refreshed line-up of three mobile phones that are also dedicated music phones.

  • News: File-sharing woman to appeal huge RIAA fine

    A woman last week ordered to pay $222,000 for illegally downloading and sharing music files is to appeal the case. Jammie Thomas said on her Myspace.com blog that the appeal was announced by her lawyer, Brian Toder, in an interview with CNN.

  • News: Illegal file-sharing still growing

    If 20,000-plus lawsuits by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) aren't enough to show US residents that the unauthorised sharing of music files will cause legal problems, now there's a $222,000 jury verdict against a Minnesota woman.

  • News: iPod nano catches fire in man's pocket

    An Atlanta man claims his iPod nano caught fire in his trousers. The nearly two-year-old iPod caught fire in the pocket of Danny Williams at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where he is employed, according to Williams' mother, Elaine. The flames lasted 15 seconds and fire reached up to his chest, she said.

  • News: Zune 2 backed to beat other iPod killers

    Analysts have backed Microsoft's Zune 2 players and the new Zune Social service, but the products are unlikely to have an effect on the dominance of the iPod and iTunes

  • News: Samsung's Serenata takes on the iPhone

    Samsung has teamed up with Bang & Olufsen on a new 4GB music-enabled mobile phone which offers a number of other music features similar to Apple's iPhone.

  • News: Strong chip sales suggest more PC growth

    Global chip sales soared in August, indicating that makers of electronic devices such as PCs, iPods and mobile phones expect a strong holiday season this year.

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