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  • News: Hands on with the MLB.tv Windows 8 app: More bunt than home run

    Just in time for baseball season, the official MLB.tv app has slid into the Windows Store.

  • News: BlackBerry to discontinue BBM Music by June

    BlackBerry is to discontinue its BBM Music service on June 2, and is referring current customers to the Rdio music service for 30 days of free music.

  • News: Amazon's AutoRip now offers MP3s to vinyl snobs

    Even if you prefer the warm, fuzzy sound of vinyl records, Amazon wants to give you some MP3s for the road.

  • News: Rethinking the iTunes Store

    Mark your calendars because the iTunes Store has an anniversary coming up. Apple started selling music downloads on April 28, 2003--a business decision that seems to have worked out pretty well for the company considering that Apple has since sold more than 25 billion songs.

  • News: MP3 resale ban could close doors for Apple and Amazon's second-hand media plans

    A federal court's ruling against MP3 resale service ReDigi could be bad news for Apple and Amazon, who've both considered setting up their own stores for second-hand digital content.

  • News: Find free, cool music on SoundCloud

    The Internet has no shortage of places offering streaming music these days. Pandora, Spotify, Songza, Rdio--the list goes on and on. But few digital music destinations offer the unique selections you can find on SoundCloud.

  • News: Judge rules ReDigi music resale service infringes copyright

    Selling a pre-owned digital music file is quite different from selling an old CD in the physical world, and may infringe copyright, a court in New York has ruled.

  • News: Speakerfy sees mini-concerts, more social music sharing with new app

    Imagine you're working out with friends at the gym and you all want to listen to a song, but only one person has it downloaded. Not a problem: Beaming the song from one smartphone to any number of other devices is a little easier now with a new app.

  • News: How Apple could make GarageBand better for podcasters

    In 2006 Apple introduced GarageBand 3, an update that put features for podcasters at the fore. In the intervening seven years, GarageBand has reached version 6 (or, if you prefer, '11), but Apple has done little to make it more useful to creators of spoken-word audio.

  • News: Nokia launches subscription-based music service

    Mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, is the newest name in the subscription-based music service game, having launched its own offering, Nokia Music+, yesterday.

  • News: Windows 8 Music app update hits the right notes but gets no standing ovation

    The Windows app update parade keeps on marching. Mere hours after an update for Windows 8's Mail, Calendar, and People apps popped up in the Windows Store, the operating system's baked-in Music app is receiving a refresh of its own, though the alterations are subtle tweaks rather than a substantial overhaul.

  • News: Hands on with Audiobus and GarageBand

    In a recent update, Apple made the iOS version of GarageBand compatible with the popular audio-channeling utility Audiobus. Although Apple provides ways for some apps to communicate with others--Facebook and Twitter hooks built into iOS, for example--until Audiobus came along, moving sound between iOS music apps was a clumsy process that required saving and exporting audio files and then importing them into compatible apps.

  • News: Piracy doesn't hurt online music sales, according to EU study

    Illegal music downloads have negligible impact on digital music sales according to a new study by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC).

  • News: Music industry revenues climb again

    The music industry is "recovering" from the depredations long said to be due to illegal digital downloads, says a report by IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry).

  • News: Tesco to launch Blinkboxmusic to rival Spotify

    Tesco has announced it will launch a music streaming service called Blinkboxmusic later this year.

  • News: Music labels settle with Chinese Internet firm over piracy

    In another breakthrough for China's anti-piracy efforts, four major record labels have signed a deal to license music to a Chinese Internet firm in exchange for royalties, after the company had previously been accused of hosting links to illegal music downloads.

  • News: Mac Gems: Shush gives you a systemwide mic mute

    Between Google Hangout video conferences for work, Skype videos and calls for podcasts, and FaceTime chats with family and friends, I use AV-chat apps several times each week. But I'm not always an active audio participant: I'm a heavy user of the Mute button in every one of those apps and services. Sometimes it's because I'm typing and I don't want the clickety-clack of my keyboard to be audible on a podcast recording or to others in a meeting. Other times the maintenance folks are performing the day's noisiest tasks at the same time as my chat, right outside my office window. And it's not uncommon for family members to come into my home office while I'm chatting or recording.

  • News: Product snapshot: Sonos PLAYBAR Wi-Fi speaker

    As a general rule, we love Sonos speakers here at PC World. We’ve tried the PLAY:3, PLAY:5 and SUB -- each has impressed us, despite their universally high price tags.

  • News: Macworld/iWorld Video: Cool products on and off the show floor

    The Macworld/iWorld show never wants for cool products--just a glance at the winners of our 2013 Best of Show awards will prove that. But there are cool products that didn't appear on the show floor at Moscone West this month, and that's what this Macworld Live session focused on.

  • News: iTunes Music Store sells 25 billionth song

    Apple has sold its 25 billionth song through the iTunes Music Store, the company announced Wednesday.

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