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  • News: Amazon rolls out iOS-optimized MP3 store

    Watch your back, iTunes: Amazon's now in the game of selling digital music to iOS users. The retail giant has optimized its store to let owners of iPhones and iPod touches browse and purchase from its 22-million song catalog.

  • News: The Week in iOS Accessories: Wrapping up CES

    The Week in iOS Accessories

  • News: MySpace tries to bring sexy back with new Justin Timberlake song

    MySpace has opened up its new-look website to the wider public after more than six months of internal beta testing and limited previews. The launch coincides with the release of Justin Timberlake's new single, "Suit & Tie," featuring rapper Jay-Z, which is promoted on the landing page of the site.

  • News: Audiobooks.com drops all-you-can-listen-to book plan

    When Audiobooks.com launched a year ago, the service's distinguishing factor was that it provided unlimited audiobook listening for a flat $25 monthly fee. On Monday, the company changed course and switched to a two-tier pricing model for a specific number of books.

  • News: US DOJ did not entrap Megaupload, the agency says

    The U.S. Department of Justice did not mislead a court and attempt to entrap file storage site Megaupload on copyright infringement charges, the agency said in a new filing in the case.

  • News: mRobo shows off dance moves that far surpass my own

    When it comes to any sort of dancing, I normally just turn around and run right away. But not mRobo, the dancing robot made by Tosy that has a speaker firmly embedded in its torso. When it's activated, mRobo comes out of its shell to show off its talents, expanding to form a full-fledged dancing robot. mRobo will not only play music, but it'll dance along to it, making it one of the more entertaining ways to listen to music of almost any kind.

  • News: iHome focuses on Lightning, Bluetooth, and fitness

    iHome makes so many different audio products that even the PR people have a hard time keeping them straight. The new lineup introduced at CES is no exception, and here for your enjoyment are some highlights from my personal tour of the company's 2013 products.

  • News: The Week in iOS Accessories: CES-travaganza, Part 2

    More from CES

  • News: Amazon AutoRip service bundles digital copies with purchased CDs

    Amazon wants to breathe life back into CD sales by offering free MP3 versions of your Amazon CD purchases including any discs you've bought since 1998 with a new program called AutoRip. Your free MP3s are automatically stored in Amazon Cloud Player after you purchase a new CD and are available for playback or immediate download. Past purchases that are eligible should automatically show up in Cloud Player. The free digital tracks do not count against your Cloud Player storage limits as with purchases from Amazon's MP3 store.

  • News: Oculus Rift VR headset prototype works so well it's a little scary

    After testing a prototype version of the Oculus Rift virtual reality device we came away impressed, intrigued and a little disoriented.

  • News: The Week in iOS Accessories: CES-travaganza, Part 1


  • News: Netflix adds personalized profiles with recommendations for your entire household

    Netflix is testing new multiuser personalized profiles for single accounts with a limited number of subscribers. The new functionality lets you create a profile for each member of your household, complete with personalized viewing recommendations and independent streaming queues. There are also parental controls for profiles for children under 12.

  • News: Philips launches trio of soundbars

    True audiophiles will settle for nothing less than 5.1- or 7.1-channel speaker systems for enjoying the sound that goes along with their HDTV viewing. But for a growing number of us, the simplicity of a soundbar provides a happy medium between built-in speakers and multi-channel audio systems.

  • News: Focus@Will builds music playlists to help you concentrate

    Staying on task at International CES can be something of a challenge. There's the swirling mass of tech reporters, the company representatives vying for your attention, and the onslaught of gadgets, flashing lights, and noise. And all of this is set to the soundtrack of Las Vegas's ubiquitous slot machines, a choir of cacophonous beeping and blinking that will echo around your brain until you can think of nothing else but the clink, clink, clink of coins splashing around the...

  • News: Asus Qube will stream Google TV, offer motion and voice control

    Asus is planning to serve up Google TV via a little black box. With the Qube, you'll get more than 100,000 TV shows and movies through Google TV, which includes Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, HBO Go and a lot more. Of course, there are loads of games and apps as well.

  • News: NVidia GRID server promises speedy cloud-based gaming

    We game on phones, we game on consoles, we game on networks, but cloud-based gaming has been hobbled by performance issues. Today at CES, Nvidia announced the GRID cloud gaming platform, a server system that aims to solve the power, speed, and scalability problems that have thwarted cloud-based gaming.

  • News: JBL's CES lineup includes Lightning-equipped speakers and high-end receivers

    JBL will be rocking CES 2013 with new audio gear for Apple hardware that sports new Lightning connectors as well as several high-end AV receivers aimed at audiophiles.

  • News: RCA Android tablet packs dual digital TV tuners

    An Android tablet that can receive both conventional and mobile digital TV transmissions will be among the gadgets unveiled at next week's International CES in Las Vegas.

  • News: Cool gadgets and hot tech that will shine at CES 2013

    With less than a week to go before this year's International CES Show in Las Vegas commences, it's unclear which new products will generate the most buzz among attendees of the massive trade show. However, Ultra HDTVs, Windows 8 tablets, smart appliances, and smartphone apps figure to fight for center stage.

  • News: US Congress may not have stomach for another SOPA

    As a new session of the U.S. Congress convenes in early 2013, don't expect lawmakers to rush out a new version of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) or the Protect IP Act (PIPA).

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