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  • News: Why are you developing that set-top streaming device, Microsoft?

    As the world prepares for the unveiling of next-generation of Xbox later this month, rumors persist that the gaming console is not the only piece of living room hardware Microsoft is developing.

  • News: RIAA expands gold and platinum record awards to streamed music

    In another sign that music listening is expanding beyond the limits of CDs and digital purchases, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced on Thursday that it would recognize music and music videos streamed from on-demand services as part of its Gold & Platinum award program. These services include Mog, Muve Music, Rdio, Rhapsody, Slacker, Spotify, and Xbox Music, as well as video streaming services such as MTV.com, Vevo, Yahoo Music, and YouTube. This is the first time that the program has recognized tracks in a non-sales format.

  • News: YouTube launches pilot program for subscription-based paid channels

    In a move that will surprise precisely no one who's been paying attention to the state of streaming media, YouTube announced a pilot program Thursday that will herald a new age of subscription-based paid channels on the Google-owned video site.

  • News: Nerdcore mixes geek culture with hip-hop

    Henry Bowers, a rapper born in Sweden, cuts an intimidating figure. Dreadlocks stream from beneath his black beanie, merging into the gargantuan beard he wears. He looks like a modern-day viking, teeth bared as he snarls an answering rhyme to his opponent.

  • News: Hands on: Instacast for OS X beta is a good listener

    If you love to listen to podcasts on your iPhone or iPad, you're probably familiar with Vemedio's Instacast, a $5 app that lets you consume your favorite shows through an elegant and well-thought-out user interface.

  • News: Creating complex smart playlists in iTunes

    Creating playlists in iTunes can be as simple as dragging a few songs, or as complex as creating smart playlists that refer to other playlists and use nested conditions to pick songs that meet specific criteria. In this week's column, I answer three questions to show just how complex smart playlists can be. While perhaps not the same as the smart playlists you want to make, they are good examples of the complexity that is available with smart playlists in iTunes.

  • News: Apps for summer music festivals

    Summer is upon us, and so is music festival season. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to music fests all around the country, and for some, summer just wouldn't be the same without attending one of these mega events. With beautiful weather (most of the time), comraderie with other attendees, an interesting array of food and art, and of course killer bands, there's a lot to experience.

  • News: The iTunes Store turns 10

    Apple's iTunes Store has just passed a major milestone--10 years in business and still thriving. I'm joined by Chris Breen, Jon Seff, and Kirk McElhearn to talk about just what's happened over the past 10 years--from protected music downloads to the introduction of TV shows and movies. Along the way we talk about where Apple might make improvements as well as what the store may look like in the next 10 years.

  • News: Netflix lost more than 1100 streaming titles Wednesday, but does it matter?

    The Internet is abuzz with the news that Netflix's streaming titles are seeing some dramatic changes in May, with the online service set to lose a whopping 1800 titles during the month.

  • News: The best subscription music service: Spotify

    While many people still choose to purchase all their music outright, streaming music services offer some distinct advantages. To begin with, unless your personal music library contains well over 10 million tracks, a streaming service offers the more extensive library. That means you can sample music you might otherwise miss. And unlike with music stored in an iTunes library, say, you can access streaming music anywhere you have a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. You can play channels of music based on a favorite artist or genre. And streaming services offer social components that make it easier to find new music that you might enjoy.

  • News: Belgian ISPs sued for providing Internet access without paying copyright levies

    Sabam, the Belgian association of authors, composers and publishers, has sued the country's three biggest ISPs, saying that they should be paying copyright levies for offering access to copyright protected materials online.

  • News: Yahoo beefs up its video selection with partnerships and a slew of original series

    Content is king, they say, and lately, Yahoo appears laser-focused on bringing top-notch video content to its website.

  • News: Four apps for making ambient music on your iOS device

    There are times when you want to listen to music, but may be tired of what's on your iPod or iPhone. Sure, you can check out a streaming service, such as Pandora or Spotify, but you might want to make your own music for a change. Not by composing music--unless you're not a musician, of course--but by using one of a handful of apps to "doodle" with music, in what can be an interesting (and relaxing) process.

  • News: Stadium HD Wireless Headphones pack in built-in music playback

    Headphones live in a market saturated with superb functionality and stylish designs. Those seeking to let loose their first set need something special to set themselves apart. Stadium Audio Group is hoping for brand recognition with a product unshackled by ties to other items with the Stadium HD Wireless Headphone (funding through May 15).

  • News: Amazon comedy pilots and Netflix's new new series

    Amazon's trying a new experiment this week, releasing eight new comedy pilots and letting users vote on which ones are worth continuing as a full series. Here are five of the eight pilots you should take a look at, and a quick review of Netflix's new series Hemlock Grove.

  • News: Ten more years: What the future holds for iTunes Store

    Over the course of its ten-year existence, the iTunes Store has evolved even as it has stood stock-still. Starting out as an online store that sold protected digital audio files, it expanded to include sales (and, in some cases, rentals) of movies, TV shows, apps, and books (both audio and electronic). Where it remains unbudged, though, is in its central mission: Sell, sell, and sell some more. Whether the purpose of its selling is to feed the hardware that Apple makes or to turn a profit on the media itself, the iTunes Store differs very little at its heart from the large "music, movies, books 'n' things" emporiums of old.

  • News: The iTunes Store at 10: How Apple reinvented the music business

    As I write this paragraph, I'm enjoying a playlist that I created from among the thousands of songs on my iPhone, and it's no big deal. It wasn't always so simple: Once upon a time, crafting the perfect playlist for your MP3 player felt like an epic project. You had to rip the songs from a CD onto your computer, find sources--legitimate and otherwise--for tracks you didn't own, and then hope everything was in the right format to play on your portable device. Apple changed all that, thanks to a series of musical moves right at the dawn of the 21st century--not the least of which was the launch of the iTunes Music Store.

  • News: Why the iTunes Store succeeded

    The traditional tenth anniversary gifts of tin and aluminum are appropriate for the iTunes Store. Both durable and somewhat flexible, the iTunes Store has become the preeminent place to purchase music. Still, if not for the unintended assistance of a bungling music industry, the store might have been as ephemeral as iTunes’ social service, Ping.

  • News: Netflix now has more U.S. subscribers than HBO

    HBO not only gets first dibs on movies, it also offers blockbuster original hit shows like Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, and Girls--and it's still getting beat by Netflix in the U.S. when it comes to sheer subscriber count.

  • News: Aereo expands to Boston as CBS plans counterattack

    Much to the dismay of major broadcast networks, streaming video startup Aereo has begun its expansion.

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