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  • News: Pandora app update improves your work day with auto-pause, stutter-free streaming

    The Tuesday after a holiday weekend can sometimes drag on--everyone's still getting back into their groove, and it can be tough to get back to actual work. That's why a well-placed tune can improve your day; and if you rely on Pandora's iOS app for those work-day tracks, you can now rock out to the sweet sounds of Daft Punk even in flaky connection areas, thanks to the app's recent update.

  • News: Spotify adds Discover to iPhone, thinks it knows you better than you know yourself

    Spotify has a lot of things going for it, but the experience of using it isn't necessarily among them. On Tuesday, the company moved to address some of those shortcomings with an update that primarily affects iPhone and iPod touch users. Oh, and there's a new icon to go along with it.

  • News: Action: Yahoo buys Qwiki moviemaking app

    In yet another mobile acquisition, Yahoo has acquired Qwiki, a New York City company that makes an app for turning photos and videos into short, edited movies.

  • News: Bare-bones Xbox Music service hits the Web at $10 a month

    As expected, Microsoft has launched a Web version of Xbox Music, allowing access to the service on computers that don't run Windows 8.

  • News: Time Warner Cable set to bring a whopping 300-plus live TV channels to Xbox 360

    Rejoice! Time Warner Cable subscribers will soon be able to watch live broadcasts of shows like The Walking Dead, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and South Park right on their Xbox 360.

  • News: Twitter adds genre search to #music iOS app

    Twitter is hoping to make it easier for people to discover new music on its #music iOS app with the addition of genre search tools, released Thursday.

  • News: Amazon introduces AutoRip service

    Amazon has announced AutoRip, a service which will give UK customers a free digital MP3 copy of any CDs, vinyl or even cassettes purchased online.

  • News: Web version of Xbox Music could be imminent

    Xbox Music may soon break out of Microsoft's own platform and onto any desktop web browser.

  • News: Razer's new Surround software turns your stereo headset into a 7.1 home theater

    I've built and rebuilt more gaming PCs than is probably healthy, but I could never afford to include a decent surround-sound system. I'm not talking only about the price, either--years of living in city apartments with paper-thin walls have made me exceedingly cautious of offending neighbors (and landlords) who have sensitive ears.

  • News: Pink Floyd members reunite to slam Pandora

    Call it another brick in the wall. The surviving members of Pink Floyd have gotten together to slam Pandora for its support of an Internet radio bill that the rockers say would lead to an 85 percent pay cut for musicians.

  • News: Pink Floyd members reunite to slam Pandora

    Call it another brick in the wall. The surviving members of Pink Floyd have gotten together to slam Pandora for its support of an Internet radio bill that the rockers say would lead to an 85 percent pay cut for musicians.

  • News: Android has 99 handsets, but Jay-Z's on one

    Samsung Galaxy users will soon get supersized bragging rights to go with their supersized displays. They'll be given the opportunity to get their ears on Jay-Z's new album Magna Carta Holy Grail before it's released to the general public. And they'll get it for free.

  • News: Great gig in the cloud: Full remastered Pink Floyd discography lands on Spotify

    That didn't take long. Four days after Spotify promised to bring the Pink Floyd discography to its music service if--and only if--the classic track "Wish You Were Here" was streamed one million times, the company announced Monday that the milestone was shattered. All the Pink Floyd tunes you could ever want are now available to soothe your savage breast over on play.spotify.com or via the Spotify desktop application.

  • News: Pink Floyd is coming to Spotify, but only if 1 million people 'Wish' for it

    Pink Floyd's legendary tunes aren't exactly strangers to streaming music--Roger Waters' masterful lyrics have been gracing the likes of Pandora, Slacker, and Rdio for years now. But the band's catalog has been glaringly absent from Spotify, the 800 lb. gorilla in the streaming song arena. No more. At long last, the Pink Floyd brick is being added to Spotify's massive musical wall--but only if users wish for it.

  • News: Say hello to Jongo, the newest multiroom music system

    Sonos has a colorful new competitor on its hands in the form of Pure's Jongo multiroom music system. Unveiled at CES in January, the company announced Wednesday that it was now shipping several components of the system in the U.S. with an additional product coming later this year.

  • News: 10 fun summer movie releases to stream while the weather's hot

    In the world of movies, summer begins in early May, when the first superhero movie emerges, but in reality it doesn't really begin until June, when school lets out. (Or, more precisely, the summer solstice on June 21.) In any case, summer usually means big entertainments, with big stars, big explosions, big chases, big laughs, and big everything. So to celebrate, here's a selection of ten great (or at least fun) summer movies streaming on Netflix.

  • News: Yes, there's a trade show for augmented reality, and its demos are enchanting

    Across the street from the Great America amusement park, a small gathering of augmented reality enthusiasts were building an amusement park of their own. Armed with iPads, Android phones, and high-tech headsets, the people of the Augmented World Expo set about creating a more exciting reality.

  • News: Apple gets into the stream of things with iTunes Radio

    While introducing the remodeled Music app in the forthcoming iOS 7 update, Apple senior vice president of Internet software and services Eddy Cue also took the wraps off the company's upcoming streaming music service, iTunes Radio. Rather than an on-demand service such as Spotify, iTunes Radio has more in common with Pandora, where you listen to stations inspired by a particular track, artist, or genre.

  • News: Spotify speeds music delivery times with Fusion-io

    Spotify is souping up the music streaming delivery times from its data centres with application acceleration technology from Fusion-io.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Don't touch that dial

    Apple may broadcast ads up and down the dial, the carriers may be dialing down your speeds, and released Steve Jobs emails showed that he had publishing execs dialed in. Dial "R" for the remainders for Wednesday, June 5, 2013.

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