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  • News: Borrow free movies and albums from Hoopla, the Netflix for local libraries

    Your local library is like that sad kid you grew up with who would do anything to have friends. He would let you borrow out all his stuff--for free--as long as you promised to bring it back.

  • News: Blockbuster's last U.S. stores to close in January

    Blockbuster's disc-based movie business is scheduled for termination. The remaining U.S. retail stores are set to close by early next year.

  • News: This is why Netflix must go to war with movie theater owners

    Netflix's content boss Ted Sarandos is the nicest guy ever to raise so much holy hell in network TV circles. Just look at House of Cards, an original Netflix series that challenges the status quo of TV content production and distribution. Well, now Sarandos is causing a good deal of wailing and teeth-gnashing in Hollywood movie circles too.

  • News: Radio on the TV: Pandora comes to Chromecast

    Chromecast is Google's $35 little HDMI dongle that allows users to stream content directly from the Internet over their Wi-Fi network. It's pretty good! But it has an unfortunate dearth of official third-party apps that would make it a true living room conqueror. As of Thursday morning, though, the little dongle can boast at least one more streaming feather in its hat: Pandora.

  • News: No, YouTube, the world does not want to pay for music videos

    It you are younger than 30, you probably don't have the same relationship with music videos as we pre-millenials. But trust me, they were once a very big deal. While not as central to youth culture as they once were, artists are still experimenting with the form and thanks to the Internet, music videos are more accessible than ever. The Web provides easy access to just about every video put out by your favorite artists.

  • News: Canada to politely force cable companies to unbundle

    Finally, you won't be forced to pay your cable company for making the Game Show Network available--at least if you live above a certain latitude. The Canadian government will soon require cable and satellite providers to offer channels à la carte rather than force users to buy a bundle of content.

  • News: Coming soon to your cable box: Netflix?

    Netflix casts a wide net when it comes to device support: The streaming video service works on Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, TiVo, smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, and more. One device Netflix doesn't play nice with, however, is your cable provider's set-top box.

  • News: Google reportedly will kill Google TV so that Android TV may live

    In move that will shock very few people, it appears that Google is getting ready to put the kibosh on its Google TV brand.

  • News: Aereo's broadcast TV streaming coming to Android this month

    After expanding to Utah, Miami, Houston, and Dallas this summer, Aereo--the contentious streaming service that lets you stream local broadcast television over the web--is ready to invade its next big market: the Android nation. After months of promises, Aereo for Android will finally land in Google Play on Tuesday, October 22.

  • News: Prime time? Amazon set-top TV box reportedly in the works

    Not content to let Apple, Google, and Roku run away with the living room, a fresh rumor says Amazon plans to release a set-top box just in time for the holidays. The box, code-named "Cinnamon" according to The Wall Street Journal, would be around the size of a Roku box or Apple TV.

  • News: DoCoMo shows 'touch display' for computer glasses

    Head-mounted computers like Google Glass are a useful way to view content and interact with the world on the move, but one drawback is the lack of a physical interface on which the user can click, drag or navigate content.

  • News: Netflix opens the floodgates on Super HD streaming support

    As consumers we've been offered lots of "super" things over the years: Super men, super sizes, Super Bowls. But with Netflix's Super HD, that promise was reserved for the elite--or those who get their Internet service via select ISPs, at any rate.

  • News: 10 underappreciated movies on Netflix

    Movies are a funny business. They are made and presented to critics, and to the public, in good faith. Sometimes the critics love something and the public doesn't. Sometimes the opposite happens. Sometimes nobody loves a movie. But occasionally, due to bad timing, bad advertising, or other unknowable factors, the critics or the public simply misread or dismiss a movie. At that point, the movie belongs to only a few lonely souls who found something in it that was worthwhile or wonderful. Here are a handful of those kinds of movies, all streaming on Netflix.

  • News: Spotify honors Nirvana with a horrible mess of a music documentary series

    Spotify Landmark is a new audio documentary series, which Spotify says will capture "the story behind some of the greatest moments in music, told by the people who made them."

  • News: Netflix positions House of Cards as a gateway drug

    Netflix on October 8 will offer the complete run of its hit series House of Cards through Redbox. Yes, one rental service offers its original programming through another rental service. What a twisted web those corporations weave.

  • News: Hulu says 'ello to a ton of new BBC shows

    Anglophiles of the streaming world, unite! On Wednesday, Hulu announced a huge content acquisition deal with BBC Worldwide North America to bring tons of British shows to your TVs, mobile devices, and desktops.

  • News: iTunes 11.1 brings iTunes Radio, Genius Shuffle, podcast stations, more

    Just in case the imminent arrival of iOS 7 isn't enough to get you pumped, Apple's also gone ahead and released iTunes 11.1. Less exciting, you might think, but a necessary part of the equation: If you want to sync your device running iOS 7 with your computer, you're going to need the latest version of Apple's music-playing-video-watching-podcast-downloading-device-syncing-app-with-large-fries.

  • News: Slacker Radio for iOS sheds another interface, adds My Vibe playlists

    The streaming music space is getting awfully crowded these days, what with iTunes Radio set to tussle with Pandora, and a growing number of subscription music services flooding the market. Slacker Radio is doing its best to stand out with an updated iOS app, released on Wednesday, that reboots the user experience and adds a cool new My Vibe feature.

  • News: Netflix turns to pirates to pick new shows

    If you're wondering which TV shows Netflix hopes to add to its catalog in the coming months, look no further than sites like the Pirate Bay. When the online streaming company wants to figure out what people are watching, Netflix looks at what does well on piracy sites, Netflix vice president of content acquisition Kelly Merryman reportedly told the Dutch-language site, Tweakers.

  • News: Rdio to rock free, ad-supported tunes by end of 2013 thanks to radio partnership

    With so many free streaming choices available to music fans in the U.S., some services are struggling to find an audience. On a given day, the average online music fan can hop from their personal library on Google Play Music, to Pandora radio-like tunes, to the on-demand listening of Spotify and Xbox Music--all without paying a dime.

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