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  • News: Hands-on with the new mobile Sonos apps

    A decade after entering the field, Sonos leads the multi-room audio market, thanks in large measure to software controllers that make its hardware exceedingly easy for consumers to install and operate. Now the company is preparing to ship its first from-the-ground-up redesign of those controllers. Most Sonos users will be happy with the changes.

  • News: AT&T exec takes to the Internet, takes Netflix to task in the process

    In a blog post published Thursday night, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings took aim at Comcast--you know, the company Netflix paid in order to get better network access-- for its stance on net neutrality. So naturally, AT&T had to chime in.

  • News: Twitter kills its music app, which never got much play

    Twitter's mobile music app, launched last year amid a crowded market for online music services, is being shut down, Twitter said on Friday.

  • News: What's the problem with DMCA takedown notices?

    A U.S. government effort to encourage agreement among copyright holders and Web-based services on how to improve the notice-and-takedown process in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act began Thursday with some disagreement about what direction the discussions should take.

  • News: 'Powers' slated as Sony's first PlayStation Network original TV series

    During its E3 presentation last July, Sony said it would bring original television programming to the PlayStation Network. Several months after that early announcement we now know what Sony's first series will be--and it's a doozy for comic fans. The initial PlayStation Network program will be Powers, based on the creator-owned comic book series by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.

  • News: Pandora prices inch upward for ad-free version

    Streaming radio service Pandora is raising the price of its paid, ad-free version for all new subscribers as well as for some existing subscribers.

  • News: Google, Viacom settle (finally) on YouTube lawsuit

    Google and Viacom have settled a 2007 lawsuit in which Viacom originally demanded US$1 billion from Google for what it said was massive copyright infringement on YouTube.

  • News: USPTO to examine DMCA take-down process

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is looking for ideas on how to improve the controversial notice-and-take-down provisions of the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act, amid complaints that the current process is cumbersome for small musicians and filmmakers.

  • News: Amazon's streaming stick will reportedly stream games too

    With apologies to Tears for Fears, everybody wants to rule the living room. The latest game consoles act as voice-activated bridges between your gaming sessions and TV binging, with the Xbox One even letting you control your cable or satellite subscription. Rumors about Apple's next-gen television-slash-gaming device have swirled for years. But right now, it's Amazon's turn--the company is rumored to be preparing its own media streamer to work with the Amazon Instant Video service, as well as streaming top-tier games to your TV, kind of like OnLive's streaming game service for PCs.

  • News: Popcorn Time returns under new management

    The already infamous "Netflix for pirates" app, Popcorn Time, is back at it again. After officially going out of service on Friday, Popcorn Time has risen from the dead under new management.

  • News: Warner Bros offers refunds for Veronica Mars Kickstarter backers that hate Ultraviolet

    Kickstarter backers who funded the new Veronica Mars movie no longer have to use UltraViolet, Hollywood's much-maligned video locker service.

  • News: Why Veronica Mars embraced UltraViolet and angered fans

    The campaign to revive Veronica Mars delivered a number of cool things--an enormous number of new Kickstarter users and, lest we forget, a full-length motion picture of a deeply loved TV series that arrived Friday. But the movie's arrival introduced something else to Veronica Mars fans: their first interaction with the UltraViolet video locker service, the method the movie's distributors are using to fulfill the downloads promised to people who backed the movie on Kickstarter. It's been ugly, to say the least.

  • News: Rdio acquires music streaming service in India

    Rdio digital music service is acquiring a shuttered music streaming service company in India in a bid to get into the local market, which loves music but is not always willing to pay for it.

  • News: Neil Young's Pono music player blasts past Kickstarter goal

    Less than 24 hours after launching on Kickstarter, Neil Young's hi-resolution audio player Pono blew past its initial funding goal of $800,000. At this writing, Pono is up to $1.3 million dollars in funding from nearly 4,000 music fans.

  • News: Desktop app helps turn your voice into songs

    Have an idea for a song, but no keyboard or instruments handy? There's new software launching soon to fix that.

  • News: Cosinuss in-ear sports monitor tracks your heart rate, no chest band required

    Some Bluetooth headsets are designed to get beats into your ear: The C-SP 01 from Cosinuss is there to get them out.

  • News: Comcast gets faster Netflix, offers House of Cards without Netflix

    As expected, Netflix's deal with Comcast has produced a bump in speeds for the streaming video service.

  • News: Neil Young's Pono hi-fi music player revealed: $400 for 128 GB, no DRM

    Neil Young is pulling back the curtain on Pono, his long-awaited music system designed for audiophiles.

  • News: Neil Young to launch hi-fi music player via Kickstarter

    A portable music player that promises better sound fidelity than MP3s is set to launch on Kickstarter with backing from veteran rocker Neil Young.

  • News: Court order forces Aereo out of Denver, Salt Lake City

    Aereo users in Salt Lake City and Denver are finding themselves out of luck this weekend after the television streaming company was forced to shut down its services in those two cities--the result of a court order handed down from US District Court Judge Dale A. Kimball.

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