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Apple's new iPods: what you need to know

We take an in-depth look at the new audio devices

We field your questions about the changes to Apple's music player line-up.

Does the iPod touch have a GPS chip?

No. That's one of the few hardware features still reserved for the iPhone.

Will the iPad Camera Connection Kit work with the touch?

Sort of. By that we mean that the iPad Camera Connection Kit works with the latest iPod touch just as it does with the iPhone 4. It won't allow you to import pictures from a camera or media card to your iPod touch, but if you string a dock connector cable between the iPod touch and the connector attached to an iPad, the iPad will recognise the iPod touch as a source for images. The iPad then displays the images on the iPod touch in the Photos app as if the iPod was a camera, allowing you to import those images to the iPad.

What about the iOS 4.1 update?

The iPod touch ships with iOS 4.1. That software update - which is also set to arrive for other devices next week, probably at the same time as the new touch starts shipping - adds a number of features to iOS 4.0. What's unclear is whether the update will add AirPlay support to the iPod touch and the iPhone. AirPlay is, of course, the renamed version of the AirTunes technology that let you stream music from iTunes via an AirPort Express. iOS devices will be able to stream music and videos and photos. (Hence, the name change to AirPlay rather than just AirTunes.) Apple's demo at the iPod launch event focused on AirPlay in the context of the iOS 4.2 update (which is slated to arrive in November), and while the company mentions AirPlay on its iOS 4.2 web page, there's no mention of which iOS gets support on the AirPlay page . Some editors originally thought that AirPlay would appear in iOS 4.1; now, we're not so sure.

It is worth noting some other changes in iOS 4.1 - namely support for Apple's Game Center feature, which should improve the multiplayer gaming experience on mobile devices as well as fixes for some Bluetooth issues with iOS 4.

Speaking of cameras, what happened to the one on the iPad nano?

It's gone, just a year after Apple introduced it in the previous generation of nanos. The company hasn't said why - you probably wouldn't make a big deal out of features you removed from a device, either - but we're guessing that the nano's video capabilities never really caught on. Certainly, tests by PC Advisor's sister title Macworld of the fifth-generation nano found that video quality was acceptable for shooting spontaneous video of family and friends when you were out and about, but that it didn't measure up to what you could expect from a pocket camcorder. Also, Apple seems to have placed an emphasis on compactness with this iteration of the nano - the latest model is practically all screen and crammed into a 1.48x1.61x0.35in enclosure. It's difficult to fit a camera into something that compact, so away the camera went.

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  2. What's new with the iPod touch, then?
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