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New Apple product unwrapped

Beatles Abbey Road by Apple (Corps)

The most popular of The Beatles 2009 remastered albums is 'Abbey Road' - originally released on September 26, 1969, and rereleased in digitally remastered form on September 9, 2009.

Boy, am I excited. I've waited 40 years for this day. The day I get to unwrap and open and look at the bits inside of the new Beatles album 'Abbey Road' remastered on a CD.

Abbey Road CD packaging 1

Here is the CD in unwrapped form. Let's get peeling...

The wrapping includes a sticker or Something, seen below. It has both white and green writing on it. Must remember not to throw it in the bin, but what should I do with it?

Abbey Road CD packaging 2

Below is the CD out of its wrapping. It looks just like the unwrapped one but without the sticker. Or the plastic.

Abbey Road CD packaging 3

And the back. Oh Darling. I'd never noticed the lady on it. Wonder what she's doing now. Probably a bit old and not as sexy as she appears here - although you can't see her face so she might not be all that.

Abbey Road CD packaging 15

And the side (the side with writing on it). This is the most important bit as without it you'll never find the CD again in your collection. Vital!

Abbey Road CD packaging 16

Look, I've opened it!

Abbey Road CD packaging 4

And I've opened it a bit more, taking the liner notes out of the little sleeve:

Abbey Road CD packaging 5

Let's take a look at the book. It's got lots of photos and writing in it. I'm sure some of these photos are new - well not "new" but, you know, like new:

Abbey Road CD packaging 17

Hey, that's just the cover gain. What a con!

Abbey Road CD packaging 18

A new one! A new one! But not in colour, which is a shame.

Abbey Road CD packaging 19

iTunes can tell me the track listing. No need for it in here. But there is another photo. Not sure if it's new but at least it's in colour! Mean Mr Mustards: They don't look too happy, do they? I bet the next album's depressing.

Abbey Road CD packaging 20

Man! They really are grumpy.

Abbey Road CD packaging 21

Here Comes The Sun. They've cheered up a bit. Amazing what a spot of fresh air does for the (rubber) soul!

Abbey Road CD packaging 22

See what I mean! Fun fun fun  (oh, that was The Beach Boys, wasn't it?)

Abbey Road CD packaging 25

Baby you can drive my car - but don't park it in the garden like these fools. (Maybe an Octopuses Garden would be OK, but the water would ruin the seats, and the engine.)

Abbey Road CD packaging 26

Sun King: I think this picture's taken on a boat.

Abbey Road CD packaging 27

Call me square, but you can afford a trip to the hairdressers, boys. Good on you, Paul. That's the end of the little book. Will read it later.

Now lets open it even further. This is known as a gatefold:

Abbey Road CD packaging 6

Let's get rid of that pesky promo leaflet:

Abbey Road CD packaging 7

Come together, right now.

OK that's better. Wow, check it out! The photo of the fab four is even inside the the bit where the disc is kept.

Abbey Road CD packaging 8

Talking of the disc. Round as usual. Like the Apple.

Abbey Road CD packaging 9

And the other side of the disc is where all the songs are kept. They could have put a picture on this bit. Wasted opportunity,  EMI.

Abbey Road CD packaging 10

Super! But let's not forget that pesky promo leaflet. Sure to be some amazing stuff in there:

Abbey Road CD packaging 11

Abbey Road CD packaging 12

Abbey Road CD packaging 13

That was excellent! Now I suppose I'll have to listen to the music. I've got a Mac! So let's put the CD in that:

Abbey Road CD packaging 14

Let's get riping those ace tracks from 1969:

Abbey Road CD packaging 16

Pass me my cans I've got some listening to do ... or shall I just unwrap the other 13 discs and take lots more lovely photos for you all to enjoy?

The End.

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