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  • News: Google to make Android games console

    Google is reportedly developing its own Android-powered games console to rival an upcoming Apple launch.

  • News: Inside the technology behind iOS 7's parallax effect

    When iOS 7 arrives this fall, there will be plenty of new features coming our way. From a completely reimagined (if somewhat controversial) look to a new paradigm of user experience, it seems that Apple has gone all out in its attempt to reinvent the mobile operating system for the next decade.

  • News: Xamarin tool aims to show the ease wth which .NET apps can become mobile

    As mobile device shipments overtake those of PCs, cross-platform tool developer Xamarin hopes to get more enterprises to adapt their apps for Android and iOS with the help of its .Net Mobility Scanner.

  • News: BlackBerry's Secure Work Space for Android and iOS now available

    BlackBerry continues to expand its support for Android and iOS with Secure Work Space, which separates work and personal apps and data, as the company tries to hold on to enterprise users by becoming more platform neutral.

  • News: PC sales to decline again

    Worldwide sales of desktop and notebook PCs are set to decline by more than 10 percent.

  • News: Apple OSes to overtake Windows in 2015, says Gartner

    Sales of devices based on Apple's Mac OS and iOS will overtake those of products running all flavors of Windows in 2015, a Gartner analyst predicted Monday.

  • News: Nokia says iPhone users are zombies

    In its latest smartphone ad campaign, Nokia has suggested iPhone users are zombies.

  • News: iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending June 21

    Tantalizing images of iPhone 6, or 5S, components sent the iOSphere into transports of joy, even though no one could explain what the components revealed about the Next iPhone.

  • News: CIO Takes Action to Solve BYOD's Privacy Problem

    The BYOD policy at a California law firm earned the CIO the nickname of Big Brother. However, the sarcasm stopped when he sprang into action and saved the day when an attorney's smartphone was swiped. The case represents the love-hate relationship workers and IT management have with BYOD.

  • News: iOS 7 proves once again that change is the way Apple does business

    Apple's introduction of iOS 7 has sparked quite the discussion about software design--and somehow it has also magically conferred degrees in design to a whole host of laypeople. You don't have to be a design expert, or even play one on the Internet, to disagree with some of the choices Apple has made. But whether or not you agree, one thing is certain: iOS 7 is coming this fall. And if you're invested in Apple's ecosystem, you can either get on this wagon or let it pass you by. I think the smart money is on hitching a ride.

  • News: Instagram launches video to rival Vine

    As expected, Video on Instagram has launched to rival the popular Vine app.

  • News: Best Buy recalls 5,100 MacBook Pro replacement batteries after reports of fire

    Best Buy has recalled about 5,100 replacement batteries for Apple's MacBook Pro laptops, after 13 reports that the battery caught fire, a U.S. consumer safety agency said.

  • News: 5 BYOD Pitfalls and How You Can Avoid Them

    Vague policies, rogue apps, zombie phones can doom even the best 'Bring Your Own Device' intentions. But the good news is it's not too late to make game-changing adjustments.

  • News: Report: Microsoft and Nokia talked acquisition

    Microsoft and cellphone maker Nokia were in advanced talks about an acquisition of the Finnish company's device business, but the discussions have broken down, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

  • News: Advice from an Apple Tech: Your first time under the hood

    You have a Mac. And some half-crazed part of your brain really, really wants to take it apart and tinker with it, upgrade it in every way possible, and put it back together again. You've been warned not to do it, but warnings be damned.

  • News: Macs in business

    Apple's Mac sales have been growing over recent years. It's tempting for the Windows market to say things like "Sure, home users like them, but they're useless for real work", but that's simply not true. Macs are now common in workplaces across many different market sectors.

  • News: CloudOn CEO: Office Mobile for iPhone is 'half-baked'

    Microsoft's Office Mobile for iPhone is a "half-baked" effort that breaks basic features like file compatibility, according to the chief executive of rival CloudOn, which provides Office compatibility across the Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms.

  • News: The Macalope Weekly: It's the little things

    That's pretty much all pundits have left to complain about. But complain about them they will! Our first pundit this week decries Apple's wanton destruction of a vital app category. Then we'll get caught up on this week's ways in which Apple is doomed. Finally, we'll learn how emperor iOS 7 has no clothes!

  • News: Office Mobile for iPhone: What you need to know

    A week that began with a flurry of Worldwide Developers Conference announcements from Apple is ending with its once-fiercest rival making a little news of its own. Microsoft on Friday announced a mobile version of its Office productivity suite for the iPhone. The software giant's move answers a longstanding demand for a version of the world's most widely used office software for one of the world's most popular mobile platforms--though there are a couple of big caveats that could limit just how widely this iOS-friendly version of Office gets adopted.

  • News: Apple to increase Bluetooth integration in iOS 7, OS X Mavericks

    Bluetooth enhancements are among the big changes to be found in the next versions of iOS and OS X, according to a Bluetooth trade group. Unveiled at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 Mavericks will, among other things, allow Bluetooth-connected devices to use Notification Center. The changes are part of an "unprecedented" effort to more fully integrate the wireless technology into the Apple ecosystem and accessories such as game controllers, keyboards, and wearable health monitors.

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