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iPhone 5 release date, specs and rumour round-up

From launch date to specs: All your iPhone 5 news and speculation in one place

iPhone 5 release date, specs and rumours continued.

iPhone 5 will have a flexible display

Future generations of the iPhone could have a flexible OLED display that can bend and twist.That's according to The Korea Times, which claims Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun has hinted that Apple is testing the display for its new iPhone. Kwon said that Samsung has been getting "huge" orders from companies wishing to use the display.

"Samsung is eager to push open an era of bendy phones and boasts a capability to mass produce OLED displays that bend from the middle or from around the edge," the report says. Read the full iPhone 5 will have a flexible display article here.

The 5 in iPhone 5 stands for 5-inch screen

The latest 5-inch rumor cited by Michael Nace is one posted at KnowYourMobile: "[W]e're hearing reports that Apple's up-coming iPhone 5 will feature a 5-inch Retina Display. The news comes via a source based in China. According to the source, they are familiar with Apple's production process and have access to pre-production models of the iPhone 5." Read the full The 5 in iPhone 5 stands for 5-inch screen article here.

iPhone 5 5 inches

Liquid metal to replace glass in next iPhone

Apple plans to use new lightweight liquid metal for its next-generation iPhone. According to Korea's Electronic Times Internet "the next flagship phones of the companies [Samsung and Apple] are expected to adopt unprecedented materials for their main bodies, that is, ceramic for the Galaxy S3 and liquid metal for iPhone 5, both being thin, light and highly resistant to external impacts."

iPhone 5 liquid metalThis isn't the first we've heard about the possibility of liquid metal appearing in Apple's devices. In 2010, it was reported that Apple was seeking a number of experts on amorphous metals, as the company planned to create hardware from newly licensed, super-durable custom metal alloy known as 'Liquidmetal'. According to that report, Apple paid at least $10.9 million in licensing fees to Liquidmetal Technology to use Liquidmetal exclusively in the field of electronics.

iPhone 5 will have 1GB of RAM

Those chaps over at 9TO5Mac love a good gossip. What they've recently heard is that iPhone 5s are currenlty being tested in the shells of current iPhone 4s. After a lot of A5X processor comparisons with the new iPad the tech website goes on to make the impressive claim that the iPhone 5 will be packing a whopping 1GB of RAM.Updated 10/4/12

iPhone 5 will have a better camera

This is the sort of thing we like here at PC Advisor. A feasible rumour backed up to the hills with reasoning and examples. cnet is reporting that Apple have jumped into bed with Sony and are looking to use the Japanese tech company for its camera nous, more specifically its camera sensors. cnet is reporting that Sony's new 'RGBW' and High Dynamic Range (HDR) Movie' sensors are likely to be bundled into the iPhone 5 to boost the quality of it's already impressive pictures - particularly in low-light settings.

iPhone 5 will have "multi-point camera focusing system"

Talk about "wow." The reason for this is the fact that Apple was recently awarded a patent for a multi-point camera focusing system, (as noted by AppleInsider) and what better device to put the patent to use in than with the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 will have According to the website, the MPCFS patent "describes a system that lets the user of a camera-equipped device select two or more areas of focus on a touchscreen which, when a picture is taken, are passed through a dedicated image processor to produce optimal sharpness and exposure for both regions."

"The patent calls for an image processor that continuously tracks the user-defined "regions of interest" in a combination of live image processing and auto-focus technology similar to that found in the iPhone 4S," AppleInsider notes. "Unlike the current handset, however, the focus will not be limited to center-weighting or face-detection and will in theory choose the best mix of camera settings to achieve the highest possible clarity in the multiple selected areas." Read the full iPhone 5 will have "multi-point camera focusing system" article here.

A6 processor in the iPhone 5

PC Advisor's expert opinion: Based on previous chips that Apple has used, the iPhone 5 should have an A6 processor which could well be quad-core. However Apple could opt to use the A5X chip found in the new iPad which is dual-core with quad-core graphics.

iPhone 5 will not use liquid metal

A lot of the iPhone 5 rumour mills have tipped the new Apple smartphone to be made from the revolutionary new material know as Liquidmetal. However, dreams of the new metallic substance being used in the near future in smartphones were quashed by the material's inventor himself, who says Liquidmetal is not ready to be used in smartphones yet. Read the full iPhone 5 will not use liquid metal here.

iPhone 5 will have a bigger screen

The iPhone 5 could be larger than all its predecessors breaking the 3.5-inch screen size. According to iphonestuffs4u.com it will have a 4-inch display with a higher resolution than previous models. Across the web there are mentions of the screen being curved like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

4-inch iPhone 5The idea of a 4-inch screen has also got the website MacRumors.com excited too. It is citing research done by Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, whose findings - to cut a long story short - also suggest a 4-inch iPhone 5 screen. MacRumors also went to the lengths to mock up an image of what the new 4-inch iPhone will look like.

 Reuters however, have an article claiming that the iPhone 5 will have a 4.6-inch 'retina' display. The story goes on to name South Korea's Maeil Business Newspaper as it source and state that the news came from "an unnamed industry source'. If the iPhone 5 does opt for a 4.6-inch screen it will match the Samsung Galaxy S2's 4.6-inch OLED display.

Airbag glass protection

Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? But it's not (ok it is). According to Patently Apple, the Calornian based technology company has applied for a patent to an airbag that instantly inflates when its accelerometer senses a dropping motion. It's not clear how many times the air bag can be deployed, but if it was completely reusable it was be a great addition to the Apple iPhone...they're expensive things to replace!

Apple iPhone 5 airbag


iPhone 5 will have a 3D camera.

This has to be one of the more far-fetched rumours we've heard on our travels, but Patently Apple - whose slogan is 'Celebrating Apple's Spirit of Invention...!!! - are convinced that Apple has "invented a killer 3D imaging camera' that will work for both photography and video.

In an attempt to explain exactly what Apple has planned, they've created a diagram [see below]. Patently Apple go in to a lot more detail than we want or can afford to here, so click here to see the full story.

iPhone 5 3D camera


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