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The 16 most wanted fantasy Apple products

From an Apple Camera to a Mac toaster

Nowadays, everybody seems eager to make an Apple product. These prototypes from independent designers may never appear on shelves at the Apple Store, but they include lots of innovative ideas.

iMac With Tablet Slot

People have been making a lot of guesses about what an Apple tablet - if one even exists - would be able to do.

One suggestion is that the tablet would double as a second screen and/or touchpad for other Apple computers. If that's the case, why not take the idea all the way and merge the tablet with an iMac?

A desktop computer with a slot-loading tablet could allow you to sync files, browser bookmarks, and media between the two devices, easily. Touchscreen capability on the iMac would make this duo even better.

Recent touch-based devices like HP's TouchSmart computers and DreamScreen displays may be stirring debate about touch interfaces in desktop products, but if Apple ever tried it, you can bet that all the anti-touchscreen arguments would start to disappear.

Instead, other manufacturers would be falling all over themselves to put touch-based displays in everything, and tech pundits would be loving every Apple-inspired minute of it.

iMac with Tablet Slot image: MacPlus.net

iPhones Before the iPhone

Even though Apple has been credited with many iconic products, the iPhone is without a doubt the biggest game-changing device the company has ever produced.

The iPhone has reshaped the concept of what a mobile phone could be, and Apple's third-party application system has sparked a revolution that has made the handset more important than the carrier.

So here's a number of concepts of the iPhone before the iPhone ever existed. You've already seen the iPod Chimera from 2006, which I consider to be an anomaly among pre-iPhone fakes.

The photos here show that most designers were struggling to be innovative with the concept of an Apple phone, yet they couldn't break free of the standard keypad and small display.

Here we have a fancy flip phone, two interesting concepts based on the iPod, and one touch-based device that still sported a permanent keypad.

Thanks to Mobile Freak for uncovering these gems.

Pre-iPhone iPhones image: Mobile Freak

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