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The 16 most wanted fantasy Apple products

From an Apple Camera to a Mac toaster

Nowadays, everybody seems eager to make an Apple product. These prototypes from independent designers may never appear on shelves at the Apple Store, but they include lots of innovative ideas.


With holographic imaging, eye-tracking technology, a touch-control display, and customisable applications, the iCom looks like something straight out of Captain Picard's ready room.

But in this century, the iCom would come loaded with apps straight from the iTunes App Store. This iPhone-inspired desktop unit is just one of many Apple concepts you can find over at MacLife.

Think the iCom is too farfetched to appear in your lifetime? Think again. Apple filed an application to patent a "realistic holographic 3D display experience" in 2008, according to Information Week.

iCom image: MacLife

Game Dock

Another concept featured at MacLife is the Game Dock, which integrates your iPod Touch into a video game console.

In the Apple Game Dock scenario, you would download a game to your iPod Touch, but as soon as you placed your handheld device in the Game Dock, it would immediately download the console version of the same game to the Dock's hard drive.

Your iPod Touch would also sync with the Dock, so any gaming progress you made on one device would be reflected in both versions. The best part is that you pay only once to get both game versions.

Sounds a little far out, I know. But if Apple ever wanted to try its hand at console gaming (again), you know that iPod Touch integration would likely be a big part of it - especially since the iPod Touch (and the iPhone) represent Apple's big push into gaming at the moment.

Game Dock image: MacLife

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