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The 16 most wanted fantasy Apple products

From an Apple Camera to a Mac toaster

Nowadays, everybody seems eager to make an Apple product. These prototypes from independent designers may never appear on shelves at the Apple Store, but they include lots of innovative ideas.


This iToast comes courtesy of Apple-Discount.com's Apple Imagination Gallery. We found a lot of i-toasters out there, but Michael Thilow's iToast burns the competition.

The toaster is wide enough to fit four pieces of bread (probably bagels, too), and it features what look like innovative toaster controls, such as fast-forward, rewind, and pause.

Actually, the design doesn't specify whether iToast's controls are for music or bread, but I'd like to think that Apple would do something a little more original than stick an MP3 player in a toaster.

Apple's iconic logo is also seared onto every slice of bread, according to Apple-Discount. Talk about Apple-y goodness in the morning.

To go along with your iToast, why not take a sip of some freshly brewed Infinite Loop Dark Roast from the eCafe, and slice open a bagel while your iBlade pumps out some hot tunes?

iToast image: Michael Thilow, courtesy of Apple-Discounts

eCafe image: FreakingNews.com

iBlade image: TheAppleCollection.com

The Con

The Con iPhone concept features a fold-out screen that reveals a mini OS X desktop.

The handset has a touchscreen surrounded by carbon-fibre casing, and the fold-out screen is made of three solid-state LCD panels, according to Wired.

There are also three programmable, detachable buttons.

Check out The Con at 13TechDesign.

The Con image: 13TechDesign

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  1. From an Apple Camera to a Mac toaster - these are the products we can only dream about
  2. The iPod Chimera and the iMo
  3. A ring made by Apple
  4. The iToast and the Con
  5. Giving the iPod Classic Nano-like portability
  6. The iCom and the Game Dock
  7. An iMac with two panoramic screens
  8. The iMac with tablet slot and iPhones before the iPhone

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