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The 16 most wanted fantasy Apple products

From an Apple Camera to a Mac toaster

Nowadays, everybody seems eager to make an Apple product. These prototypes from independent designers may never appear on shelves at the Apple Store, but they include lots of innovative ideas.

iPod Chimera

It has been around only since 2007, but some people already want Apple to rethink the design for the iPhone (and iPod Touch). One design favourite is John Pszeniczny's iPod Chimera for 2010.

The fictional specs for this device read like a fanboy's dream: 500GB or 1TB of storage, a titanium scratch- and smear-resistant touchscreen, a 1280x720 high-definition display, 4G connectivity for the iPhone, a two-way iSight camera, GPS, satellite radio, and an HD receiver.

The iPod Chimera appeared three years ago - before the iPhone -as an entry in iLounge's iPod Concept Art Contest, and it also made a showing in Wired.

The design is very forward-thinking (especially for the pre-iPhone world of 2006), but does anyone else notice a striking similarity to Microsoft's new Zune HD?

Check out YouTube for a Chimera-inspired commercial. And just so we're clear: The iPod Chimera is not a real product.

iPod Chimera image: iLounge


If you're going to design an Apple vehicle, it can't be just a simple box with four wheels. It has to be compact, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Anthony Jannarelly's iMo concept is all that and more.

Designed as a student project at Coventry University, Jannarelly's iMo doesn't just take you places - it can run errands for you.

Apple's urban car of 2024, powered by electricity, seats two passengers comfortably with the option of seating three in a pinch.

The iMo is also more than a car, as it has built-in artificial intelligence that enables the vehicle to find its own parking, take the kids to school, and pick you up when you're done shopping. Check out Jannarelly's iMo website for more pictures and several clever Apple-style TV ads.

iMo image:  iMo website

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