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8 reasons why a Mac is better than a PC

Make sure the next computer you buy is from Apple

There are hundreds of reasons why Macs are better than PCs - they're more reliable and more creative for a start. We've put together a definitive list of eight reasons as to why your next computer should be a Mac not a PC.

5. Details count

You can buy a perfectly pleasing Windows PC that matches a Mac's CPU speed, RAM, hard-drive space, and other specs for a lot less money. But it won't have an AC adaptor with hooks that let you wrap up the cord for travel, or a MagSafe connector that won't get damaged if it's accidentally yanked out of the computer.

It won't have an oversized touchpad with multitouch gestures that help you navigate through documents and around the web. And it will probably be heavier and bulkier than a comparable Mac.

6. Apple is one of the world's best software companies

Forget about all those Macs, Apple iPods, and iPhones for a moment: Apple's applications are useful, enjoyable, and innovative, from the iLife creativity suite (whose presence on every new Mac is in itself an argument for the platform) to industrial-strength tools such as Final Cut Pro.

Most run only on OS X. (The Windows versions of iTunes, Safari, and QuickTime are okay, but Apple does its best work on its own operating system and hardware.)

7. The Apple Store's Geniuses rock

Buy a Mac, and you qualify for free in-person technical support from a patient rep with a deep knowledge of your system. I've had Geniuses do everything from reinstall my OS to replace broken keys on the spot.

Microsoft has announced plans to train 'Windows Gurus' to provide similar customer care at other retailers; it's worth trying, but there's no way it's going to replicate the Genius experience.

There are simply too many PCs from too many companies running too many variations on Windows for any one person to be an expert on everything.

8. Hey, Macs are PCs

By which I mean that Leopard's Boot Camp feature - and better yet the Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion virtualisation utilities - let you run Windows, and Windows applications, on a Mac.

I'm listing this last because I ultimately see running Windows on a Mac as a last resort: it's usually not necessary, and it degrades some of the other virtues of the Mac, such as protection from Windows security risks. But when it's valuable, it's really valuable.

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