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8 reasons why a Mac is better than a PC

Make sure the next computer you buy is from Apple

There are hundreds of reasons why Macs are better than PCs - they're more reliable and more creative for a start. We've put together a definitive list of eight reasons as to why your next computer should be a Mac not a PC.

While PCs may be the most widely used computer platform in the world, there are still lots of extremely rational reasons to choose a Mac running Mac OS X over a Windows PC.

Macs can leave you happier and more productive than you would have been if you'd bought a Windows system, and feeling you got good value for your money even though a Mac is never the cheapest option.

So I've put together a list of 8 reasons why you should choose a Mac over a PC. So I'm not seen as biased, I also put together 8 reasons why a PC is better than a Mac. So read both articles and make up your own mind.

1. Macs are consistently consistent

Windows Vista reminds me of a haunted mansion - they type of place with endless wings and far-flung rooms connected by twisty staircases and secret passages. And every time Microsoft does a redecorating job (also known as an upgrade), it moves some stuff around for no apparent reason.

OS X's logical, minimalist interface simply involves fewer things that must be learned and relearned, and Apple messes less with it in new releases such as Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Bottom line: it's easier to get stuff done.

2. The joy of predictability

Anyone who's ever suffered the indignity known as a Kernel Panic knows that Macs aren't bulletproof. But logging thousands of hours both on Windows PCs from multiple manufacturers and on Macs has convinced me that the average Mac is meaningfully less flakey than the average PC.

In my experience Macs crash less, suffer from fewer inexplicable slowdowns, deal better with tight memory situations, and boot up and shut down quicker and more reliably. Also I suspect it doesn't hurt that Apple is the only company in the business that writes its own operating system and designs its own hardware.

3. Who needs security headaches?

If the internet's bad guys ever decide to pummel OS X with the same intensity that they've pounded on Windows for years, the free ride for Mac fans may end. But for now, this fact is indisputable: a Mac owner who uses no security software at all runs less risk of being infected by spyware or a virus than a Windows user who obsessively protects his or her PC.

4. Crud, or the lack thereof

Windows is an infinitely better operating system when it isn't smothered by the demoware, adware, and other unwantedware that so many PC manufacturers splay onto the Start menu, the desktop, and the System Tray.

Macs are utterly free of such junk, as well as native-to-Windows irritations like word balloons burbling out of the System Tray, Windows Activation, and User Account Control.

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  1. Make sure the next computer you buy is from Apple
  2. Even more reasons why Macs are better than PCs

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