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  • News: Gov't-backed web censorship on the up

    An increasing number of governments around the world want to filter what people read on the internet, according to an academic study

  • News: Microsoft buys web ad firm for $6bn

    Microsoft plans to acquire aQuantive, a digital marketing services agency, for around $6bn in order to grow its internet advertising business, it was announced today.

  • News: Open-source doc format gets Microsoft backing

    Days after declaring its intention to aggressively collect patent royalties from open-source distributors, Microsoft has backed adding ODF, the document file format used widely in open-source alternatives to Microsoft Office, to a list of business standards.

  • News: Microsoft & Clinton team on emissions

    Microsoft will work with the Clinton Foundation to develop free web-based software and services that cities around the world can use to monitor their carbon emissions and share ideas about environmental protection.

  • News: IE7 crippled after Microsoft bug 'fix'

    Some users aren't able to use Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) after installing this month's six-bug patch, the Microsoft security team admitted as it published a work-around for the problem.

  • News: Smartphone card stores 2,000 songs

    Samsung Electronics has developed an 8GB micro memory card for smartphones.

  • News: Apple's iPhone won't work in Europe

    The Federal Communications Commission has approved Apple's iPhone, clearing the way for the combined phone and music player to hit the shelves. Apple expects to begin selling the phones in the US in late June. It’s expected to hit Europe later this year.

  • News: AMD's Puma targets Intel's Santa Rosa

    Hustling to keep up with Intel Corp.'s ‘Santa Rosa’ notebook PC system, AMD has announced that it plans to launch its own new bundle of mobile processors and chipsets, code-named ‘Puma’.

  • News: Google Korea to censor adult searches

    Google Korea plans to introduce an age-verification system to its search engine later this year that will restrict adult-themed searches to those 19 years of age and older, it said yesterday.

  • News: NHS IT supplier iSoft sold

    Troubled UK gov't software supplier iSoft is sold By Miya Knights Computerworld UK

  • News: LG Electronics to cut PDP production

    LG Electronics plans to cut back production of PDP (plasma display panel) screens as part of it efforts to improve the business performance of its display operations.

  • News: Amnesty International blogs for web freedom

    Human rights organisation Amnesty International is stepping up its efforts to raise awareness of online censorship issues with the relaunch of its http://irrepressible.info website and a worldwide debate on the fight back against internet repression.

  • News: MSN offers Madonnas music for free

    Fans of Madonna’s music can grab themselves a free copy of her brand-new song nearly two months before the world’s most successful female pop star takes to the stage to sing it live. MSN today announced that it will allow music fans to download the track, written especially for the Live Earth charity concert via its LiveEarth.MSN.com portal.

  • News: Official opens up on Estonian DoS attacks

    A spree of denial-of-service (DOS) attacks against websites in Estonia appears to be subsiding, as the government calls for greater response mechanisms to cyber attacks within the European Union.

  • News: Google to link Gmail with Docs

    Google is exploring ways to integrate its email and instant messaging services with its hosted productivity applications.

  • News: MySpace refuses sex offender request

    MySpace.com has refused to turn over the names of registered sex offenders found using its social-networking site to a group of state attorneys general because it is prohibited by federal and state law, the company said.

  • News: Firefox better patched than IE & Opera

    Firefox users have something new to brag about. Security vendor Secunia ApS reports that users of the open-source browser are more likely to have installed the latest security updates than web surfers running Internet Explorer or Opera.

  • News: OLED keyboard now on sale

    In just over three days' time, Russian designer Artemy Lebedev will finally start taking pre-orders for his Optimus Maximus keyboard. But anyone with $1,564.37 burning a hole in their pocket better act fast, only 800 keyboards are going to be made during the first three months of production.

  • News: Fujitsu to sell e-paper displays

    After several years of development, Fujitsu has improved its electronic paper technology to the point where it has begun exploring its commercial use in displays.

  • News: Google to revamp search engine

    Google's new 'universal search' approach will give users an integrated set of results composed of videos, images, news, maps, books and websites

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