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  • News: Vonage & Nortel settle VoIP patent spat

    Vonage Holdings and Nortel Networks have preliminarily agreed to cross-license several patents, ending a dispute between the companies without any monetary payments.

  • News: Is CES all just show?

    At CES each year, companies parade their newest and hottest products and promise starry-eyed consumers and journalists imminent release dates for their gadgets, while the more daring keynote speakers give their predictions for the year ahead. Sometimes they're spot-on - but other times they're way off the mark, as this look back at the class of 2007 shows.

  • News: PC Advisor's 10 most popular products of 2007

    A year is a long time in technology, but little hype gets past PC Advisor readers. This year 10 product reviews have attracted more attention than any of the other 1,500 and more you can read online all day, every day.

  • News: PC Advisor Games: best free stuff

    PC Advisor Games is the perfect place for playing and discussing computer games, viewing video trailers and getting the latest games news, as well as trying and buying literally hundreds of the latest titles.

  • News: PC Advisor Games: latest games video

    PC Advisor Games brings you the latest previews and trailers for upcoming video games:

  • News: £800 OLED keyboard delayed again

    The Optimus Maximus keyboard developed by Russian designer Artemy Lebedev has been delayed once again, this time by problems with the device's firmware.

  • News: Top exec leaves OLPC's $100 laptop effort

    One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) chief technology officer Mary Lou Jepsen is quitting the nonprofit group to start a for-profit company to commercialise technology she invented with OLPC.

  • News: LG to launch 52in multitouch screen at CES

    A huge flatscreen using similar touchscreen technology to Apple's iPhone will be on show at the Consumer Electronics Show next week

  • News: Storm botnet threat for new year 2008

    The troublesome Storm botnet has switched from using the promise of Christmas strippers in a bid to dupe users into infecting their own PCs to bombarding people with messages touting the new year, according to security researchers.

  • News: Amazon puts DRM-free Warner tracks online

    Amazon.com has added songs from Warner Music Group to the range it sells as MP3 files without DRM (digital rights management).

  • News: Netscape Navigator killed off by AOL

    The web browser once used by over 90 percent of internet users is to be killed off on February 1 2008.

  • News: Malware makers exploit Bhutto assassination

    Malware makers exploited the breaking news of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's assassination on Thursday by attempting to dupe users into downloading attack code, security researchers said on Friday.

  • News: Apple share price tips $200

    Apple Inc. shares broke the US$200 mark for the first time ever Wednesday, then slipped back under the bar to close at $198.95 – about where they stand today.

  • News: Mobile products to watch in 2008, part 1

    As tempting as Apple's iPhone and Amazon.com's Kindle are, I've refrained from buying them. Why? Because I'm certain these first-generation products will be significantly better in their second iterations.

  • News: Google 'pleased' at court ruling

    Following news that Google has lost part of an appeal case regarding patent infringement yesterday, the search and advertising company has issued a statement saying it was "very pleased" that the court decided AdSense did not infringe any Hyperphrase patents.

  • News: iPod for Christmas? Watch out!

    People who received MP3 players - such as Apple's iPod - as holiday gifts may want to steer clear of some Web sites that claim to offer legal music but don't have licensing agreements with major music labels.

  • News: China targets 3G mobile market in IBM deal

    SMIC, China's largest chip maker, has signed a deal to license a 45-nanometer manufacturing process from IBM.

  • News: Anti-malware vendors to merge PC scans

    The rise of customized malware is forcing security software vendors to change their tactics quickly and begin using customers' machines as their initial line of threat detection intelligence, according to a new report from Yankee Group.

  • News: CES: Panasonic unveils 150-inch TV screen

    Panasonic is preparing to repeat its CES show-stopper of a couple of years ago with the unveiling of the largest flat-panel screen manufactured to date, according to a Japanese media report.

  • News: CES: Panasonic to unveil thinnest Blu-ray drive for laptops

    Panasonic has developed a Blu-ray Disc drive for laptop computers and plans to unveil it at January's Consumer Electronics Show, the company said today.

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