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  • News: How much money are you wasting in unused software licenses?

    Survey claims businesses are wasting $15 billion maintaining unused software each year.

  • News: The Day in Screens: April 14th, 2011

    We have a lot of new screens on the site today, and we've gathered the most tantalizing handful for your viewing pleasure. In today's Day in Screens, Kasumi of Dead or Alive: Dimensions kicks three times the ass when rendered in 3D; lasers and Hybrids terrorize Joe Capelli in Resistance 3; Link explores Hyrule in the 3DS remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time; Inversion continues to manipulates gravity; and Pokemon finally get a home of their own on the 'net

  • News: Play indie games, help Portal 2 release early

    The Aperture Science website has had a mysterious countdown on it recently -- it's just been revealed what it means.

  • News: MotorStorm Apocalypse out on May 3

    The recent disasters that hit Japan delayed Motorstorm Apocalypse from its original release date, but Sony has decided it's time the game hit store shelves.

  • News: F.E.A.R. 3 multiplayer detailed

    F.E.A.R. 3 features four main multiplayer modes, according to publisher Warner Bros., and they sound a little different from your regular old deathmatch. A wise decision, as it takes a lot to pry people away from the Call of Duty and Halo titles of the world.

  • News: Nintendo Wii 2 'will be shown off in June'

    Rumours are rife that the Nintendo Wii 2 is on its way, and will be shown off in June.

  • News: Navigon adds augmented reality to navigation apps

    Navigon has upgraded its line of MobileNavigator apps for the iPhone and iPad with new augmented reality features, along with new in-app add-ons that let drivers avoid heavy traffic and red-light cameras.

  • News: Printopia 2.0 adds password protection, virtual printers

    Sometimes you need a quick way to get something off your iPhone or iPad, whether it be a screenshot, a Web page, or even an e-mail message. Sure, if you've got an AirPrint-capable printer you could print it, but then you've got an extra piece of paper to deal with. Fortunately, this is where Ecamm Network's Printopia comes to the rescue and the new version 2.0 adds a handful of features to make this utility even more powerful.

  • News: White House releases trusted Internet ID plan

    The U.S. White House releases its plan for trusted IDs online.

  • News: 20nm flash chip means more mobile-device features, smaller SSDs

    Intel and Micron announced they have almost halved the size of their NAND flash circuitry, which will open up space in end products for things such as larger batteries or new chips with additional features.

  • News: Recycled spectrum to help realize global LTE roaming

    As more LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks go live across the globe, operators have started planning to offer data roaming, and reusing existing spectrum is seen as one of the best chances of getting worldwide coverage, according to speakers at the LTE Forum conference this week in Stockholm.

  • News: Microsoft to push IE9 via Windows Update next week

    Microsoft plans to turn on the Windows Update spigot for Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) on Monday, April 18.

  • News: iOS 4.3.2 Protects iGadgets Against Rogue SSL Certificates

    Apple released yet another update to iOS this week. iOS 4.3.2 is the second incremental update for iOS in a matter of weeks following the launch of iOS 4.3. Like any incremental update, iOS 4.3.2. contains its share of minor tweaks and fixes, but iOS 4.3.2 is also important for the security of your iPhone or iPad.

  • News: L.A. may sue over delays in Google Apps project, report says

    The Los Angeles Times said that a city budget committee closed door meeting with attorneys could indicate the city is considering a lawsuit against Google and CSC due to delays in implementing Google Apps citywide.

  • News: Intel and Micron Pack More Flash Memory in Less Space

    IM Flash Technologies--the joint venture between Intel and Micron--has reached a new milestone for NAND flash memory with a smaller 20nm process. The smaller 20nm technology opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for smartphones, tablets, and other portable gadgets.

  • News: Google Brags About Android Market Stats

    Google said during the company's earnings call on Thursday that more than 3 billion apps have been installed from the Android Market so far, and around 350,000 smartphones are activated every day. The new figures highlight the exceptional growth of Android, but when it comes to app stores, Apple's is still king.

  • News: Wii 2 on the Way: Nintendo is Growing Up

    Almost five years after the Nintendo Wii launched, broke sales records, and revolutionized gaming with the introduction of motion-sensitive controllers, the console is slated to get a successor by E3 in June 2011.

  • News: Mac OS X: Make Snow Leopard (and other cats) roar like Lion

    With a second preview version now in the hands of app developers, Apple's next generation of Mac OS X, called Lion (Version 10.7), appears to be on track for its planned release to the public this summer. The company has announced several new features for the upcoming Macintosh operating system (some of which are lifted straight from iOS, Apple's mobile platform) including the following:

  • News: Stream classical music from Naxos Music Library

    We’ve talked a bit about streaming music services here in recent times. My colleague Christopher Breen wrote about four streaming music services, and senior editor Jonathan Seff more recently wrote about his experience using Napster. And back in 2009, I wondered if Spotify is the future of music listening.

  • News: First Look: Norton 2012

    Looking to bolster its intrusion-prevention capabilities Symantec today announced the beta versions of its 2012 editions of its consumer-focused Windows-based security products, Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security.

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