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  • News: Intel Sandy Bridge PCs and laptops recalled

    Intel has stopped shipments of the chipset used with its latest generation of Core processors, affecting customers who purchased systems with second-generation Core i5 and Core i7 quad-core chips

  • News: PC graphics market hit by tablet shipments

    Worldwide shipments of PC graphics products were flat during the fourth quarter last year, potentially hurt by growth in tablet shipments, according to research released by Jon Peddie Research on Monday.

  • News: Google offers voice-tweeting for Egyptians

    SayNow may be better known for helping the Jonas Brothers and the NBA leave short voicemail messages for their fans, but on Monday it found another purpose: helping Egyptians communicate with the rest of the world.

  • News: Address allocation kicks off IPv4 endgame

    The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority has assigned two large blocks of IPv4 addresses to the Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre, activating a rule under which the agency will give out the last of its IPv4 addresses.

  • News: Netgear boss slams Steve Jobs' 'ego'

    Patrick Lo, the chairman and CEO of networking firm Netgear has attacked Apple and Steve Jobs in an extraordinary interview.

  • News: Bad firewall practice helps DDoS attacks

    The rising tide of distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) is being made much worse by a tendency to mis-deploy firewalls and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) in front of servers, a report by Arbor Networks has found.

  • News: Google expands mobile app development

    Google is aggressively expanding its mobile app development efforts. According to a Wall Street Journal report, one of the first orders of business following the shakeup in executive leadership is to seek out app development talent. Google recognizes the value of mobile platforms and is working to stay one step ahead to claim its piece of the mobile market pie.

  • News: Currys & PC World offer free Angry Birds for Windows

    From 1 February Currys and PC World will be offering the Angry Birds game for download free by accessing the Intel AppUp Center from portals at www.currys.co.uk/appstore or www.pcworld.co.uk/appstore.

  • News: Apple iPad 2 component list leaked in report

    A Taiwanese analyst has reported that the iPad 2 will have a better quality screen than its predecessor, though won't have a retina display.

  • News: Dell Streak 7 to launch this week in US

    The Dell Streak 7 was one of the many tablets revealed at CES last month, but at the time, T-Mobile kept mum on pricing and availability details. Now, all is revealed -- and from a pure-play price perspective, T-Mobile has kept its promise to best the tablet competition with this model.

  • News: BlackBerry is the UK's top smartphone brand

    According to research BlackBerry was the UK's top-selling smartphone brand in 2010, with 36 percent of all smartphone sales in December 2010.

  • News: German scientists find electrical field helps brain forget

    The next time you're told some important information, you might want to write it down. Or at least, that's what German scientists would advise. Researchers from University of Göttingen and the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience have found that human brains actually forget information at a "surprisingly high" rate.

  • News: Samsung makes record sales on back of Galaxy Tab, S

    Samsung Electronics reported a fresh all-time sales high in the fourth quarter, boosted by two products with Google's Android mobile OS on board.

  • News: Apple iPhone 4 user sues over cracked screen

    An iPhone 4 user, angry over a cracked glass case on his iPhone 4, has filed a class action suit against Apple. He charges Apple knows the glass is prone to break with normal usage, yet refuses to warn buyers.

  • News: Microsoft moves work out of Egypt

    Microsoft, one of the companies located in Cairo's Smart Villages hi-tech office park, has begun shifting work to other locations in the wake of the on-going unrest in Egypt.

  • News: Researchers target 110-fold broadband speed boost

    The days of slow downloads could be over by the end of the decade according to researchers from the University of Southampton and the University of Essex. The scientists are working on a six-year project that, they claimed, that could make broadband internet 100 times faster.

  • News: Internet Explorer users at risk from new zero-day

    Microsoft today warned Windows users of a new unpatched vulnerability that attackers could exploit to steal information and dupe people into installing malware.

  • News: Egyptians find ways to beat internet lockdown

    "When countries block, we evolve," an activist with the group We Rebuild wrote in a Twitter message Friday.

  • News: Intel Meego tablets coming in Q2

    Tablets and netbooks based on Intel's Meego OS are expected to start shipping in the second quarter this year, a source familiar with Intel's plans said on Friday.

  • News: Research: Computers need radical redesign

    To use multicore processors effectively the IT industry needs to radically rethink the basic computer architecture it has used over the past 50 years, a University of Maryland researcher argues in the January edition of the Association for Computing Machinery's flagship Communications publication.

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