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  • News: Top 10 spammers in internet history

    More and more spammers are being caught and prosecuted for their crimes. This has invariably led to countless spammers being labeled 'Spam Kings'. But who actually deserves the title, king of kings? The following ten spammers are all heavyweight contenders for the crown.

  • News: October 2008's 8 coolest gadgets revealed

    October 2008 saw Japan's biggest electronics show: Ceatec. More than 196,000 visitors to Ceatec got a chance to see the best of the Japanese electronics industry, including some exciting prototypes of devices that are still a long way from hitting the market.

  • News: Four top tips for installing software on to Linux PCs

    When it comes to Linux as an OS, installing new software isn't a particularly hard task, but installations do come in several different varieties, so it's worth understanding the differences and what you'll need to know to make them work. We've rounded up the four ways to install new software on to your Linux PC in a bid to help you choose what's right for you.

  • News: The 28 best ever first-person shooter games

    When it comes to game genres, First Person Shooters (FPS) are one of the most loved. From the dystopian corridors of BioShock's subterranean 'paradise' to the Strogg-infested space stations found throughout the Quake franchise, have found countless ways to establish themselves as rich, enjoyable experiences, capturing the hearts and trigger fingers of gamers worldwide.

  • News: Mozilla mobile browser available for Nokia N810

    Mozilla has released an alpha version of its mobile browser for Nokia's N810 and N800 internet tablets.

  • News: Facebook malware targets Windows PCs

    Fake pages on social networking site Facebook, which claims to offer free videos, will infect a Windows PC with malware, says F-Secure.

  • News: Govt halts 'super database' plans

    The government announced it is putting the brakes on a new proposal that will give law enforcement agencies the power to collect electronic data in a bid to prevent terrorism.

  • News: Lawsuit claims Apple bullied iPod competitors

    Apple has been sued by MP3 maker Luxpro, with the Taiwanese manufacturer claiming Apple achieved its dominance in the MP3 market through monopolistic behaviour.

  • News: Judge protects Microsoft's WGA secrets

    A federal judge has granted Microsoft's request to keep secret details of its Windows antipiracy technology after the company claimed hackers could exploit the information if it were made public

  • News: Ballmer: 'We'd be glad to buy Yahoo'

    Microsoft has insisted it still has no interest in Yahoo despite CEO Steve Ballmer insisting a deal would make economic sense for shareholders.

  • News: Windows 7 to get 'Instant On' feature?

    Microsoft is considering giving its Windows client OS the capability to be turned on very rapidly by allowing users only limited access to the OS, a concept it's calling 'Instant On', according to a survey Microsoft conducted.

  • News: 56 arrested in FBI cybercrime sting

    A two-year undercover FBI sting operation targeting online fraudsters has netted 56 arrests and prevented millions of dollars in economic losses.

  • News: AMD to reveal netbook plans in November

    AMD will lay out its product strategy for netbooks at an analyst meeting next month.

  • News: Opera launches MAMA search technology

    Opera has developed a search engine that indexes structural information about web pages so developers and standards bodies can see the technologies being used to build websites and how they are being used.

  • Video: Apple revamps entire MacBook line

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced changes to MacBook Pro, MacBook and MacBook Air laptops at Apple's headquarters in California. Faster graphics with Nvidia chips, new aluminum cases, and improved trackpads are some of the features Apple will offer in the laptop line refresh.

  • News: BT cuts Wi-Fi hotspot charges

    BT has announced it is cutting the cost of using its Wi-Fi hotspots.

  • News: T-Mobile G1 to hit UK this month

    T-Mobile has announced the G1, the first smartphone to use Google's Android platform, will hit the UK on 30 October.

  • News: Virgin: Broadband speed tests are inaccurate

    Virgin Media has slammed online broadband speed tests, claiming they are inaccurate.

  • News: Microsoft slams plan to 'hijack' Windows Update

    Microsoft has slammed plans that will force the company to update those involved in the Vista Capable court case through the Windows Update service.

  • News: Google Android 'kill switch' removes phone apps

    Months after Apple sparked uproar for building a 'kill switch' into its iPhone software, it has emerged that Google Android also includes a feature which allows the company to remotely remove applications

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