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  • News: IBM shows smallest, fastest graphene processor

    IBM on Thursday demonstrated its fastest graphene transistor, which can execute 155 billion cycles per second, which is about 50 percent faster than previous experimental transistors shown by the company's researchers.

  • News: New GNOME cuts the clutter

    Five years in the making, the new version of the Gnome Linux desktop interface has been radically reworked

  • News: VMware to ship virtualization clients for Android, Mac OS X

    VMware will ship a desktop virtualization client for Android Honeycomb-based tablets at the end of the second quarter or beginning of the third quarter, according to Vittorio Viarengo, vice president of End User Computing at VMware.

  • News: Epsilon a victim of spear-phishing attack, says report

    A targeted spear fishing campaign described in a security alert last November may have caused the massive data breach revealed this week by email service provider Epsilon.

  • News: Fast phone patching still a fantasy

    Researchers are focusing on vulnerabilities in cell phones, but manufacturers and carriers are still stuck in the 90s.

  • News: New Tech Turns Plastic Back Into Crude

    What are we ever going to do with all of this plastic waste? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (via PetroStrategies), the US generated over 3 million tons of "e-waste" in 2008, and only 13.6% of it was recycled, with the rest going to landfills or incinerators. On top of that, according to PetroStrategies, a consulting, research, and training organization for the oil and gas industry, the World can expect to run out of oil in 2057 and natural gas in 2064.

  • News: Google's Andy Rubin tells Android critics to chill

    Android pioneer Andy Rubin has a message from developers carping about Android fragmentation: You all need to calm down.

  • News: Verizon, AT&T 'pleased' with Xoom, Atrix sales, despite analyst concerns

    Several analysts have described disappointing early sales for Motorola's Xoom tablet and Atrix smartphone, both based on the Android operating system.

  • News: Microsoft goes after iPad search users with new Bing app

    Microsoft will try to lure iPad users to its search engine with a new Bing application built specifically for the popular Apple tablet device.

  • News: Microsoft releases Bing for iPad app

    “Just Bing it” may have failed to catch on with the public’s search vernacular to date, but Microsoft’s most recent attempt to bring its search engine to the masses has culminated in the release Bing for iPad.

  • News: Five tips to avoid getting phished

    The criminal art of spear phishing, email spoofing that aims to get the recipient to click on a bad link or attachment, has been around for years. But that doesn't mean it's become any less effective. According to figures from the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), which compiles information from federal, state and local governments, commercial enterprises, U.S. citizens and foreign CERT teams, phishing attacks accounted for 53 percent of all security incidents in 2010.

  • News: TabletWorld: The Complete Guide To Tablets goes on sale

    You can now buy TabletWorld: The Complete Guide To Tablets from WHSmith, Sainsbury's and Tesco stores as well as online.

  • News: EMC expands cloud research centre in Ireland

    EMC has announced plans to expand its Centre of Excellence research and development centre in Ireland, to create EMC Research Europe.

  • News: NetSupport Assist now available for Mac and Linux

    NetSupport Assist, a tool that allows teachers to effectively teach and monitor ICT classes, is now available for Mac and Linux.

  • News: Rwanda claimed to be recruiting hackers

    According to information posted at Security Forum, the regions premier security mailing list, Rwanda security forces are in Kenya on a hacker recruiting mission. The information says that Rwanda is seeking security professionals to bring down various foreign websites that hold information not 'friendly' to the Rwandan government.

  • News: Canadian carrier to start LTE service in 2012

    Canada's third biggest wireless carrier has become the first of the country's operators to promise it will deploy LTE service.

  • News: VoIP Migration Leads to Savings, Worker Mobility

    The telephone switchboard and landline desk phone may not be dead, but they are becoming relics of the past along with office ashtrays and typewriters.

  • News: Chrome to flag dangerous Windows downloads

    Google has revealed it will add malware download warnings to its Chrome browser.

  • News: Geek Alert: UltraCompare Compares Files and Directories

    It even does three ways! Now that I've raised our Google rank by an order of magnitude, it's time to further discuss UltraCompare 8.0 ($50, 30-day free trial), the latest version of the powerful file and folder comparison tool. IDM Computer Solutions has found a good niche for itself producing ever more feature-rich tools aimed primarily at programmers and network administrators, and UltraCompare 8.0 continues this tradition.

  • News: Clorox cleans out BlackBerries in favor of iPhones, Android devices

    While IT managers are finding it nearly impossible to say no to employees who want to use smart phones and tablets in the workplace, they're also faced with securing the devices, which often means locking applications down and monitoring them through a company server.

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