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  • Video: Sony launches its Vaio P mini laptop

    Sony took the wraps off its anticipated Vaio P-series mini-laptop at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week.

  • Video: LG Display will launch production of 15in OLEDs this year

    LG Display is on the verge of commercial production of a 15-inch OLED panel for use in TVs and laptops, it said last week on the sidelines of the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

  • News: NASA hacker could be tried in UK

    NASA hacker Gary McKinnon could be prosecuted in the UK after his lawyers informed the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) that he would enter a guilty plea if the case was heard in the UK.

  • News: Plasma TVs to be banned under EU laws

    Large plasma TVs could be banned if a new EU standard is passed this spring.

  • News: ISPs to store your emails for one year

    From March, ISPs will be required to store details about every email sent and received, for one year.

  • News: Google searches increase your carbon footprint

    Using Google to conduct two web searches produces the same amount of carbon emissions as boiling a kettle, says a US physicist.

  • News: Web-based Office to get edit online function

    Microsoft has announced it will begin a public beta test of web-based office applications in a bid to rival Google Docs.

  • News: Microsoft lifts Windows 7 download limit

    Microsoft has suspended the download limit on the public beta of its new operating system Windows 7, following huge demand.

  • News: My weekend with Windows 7

    Microsoft's first demonstrations of its next desktop operating - Windows 7 - towards the end of last year were met with tentative approval by developers and analysts. But the first version was far from feature-complete, and a relatively small number of experts can achieve only so much in providing feedback to the software giant anyway. But now the Windows 7 beta is available to the public, meaning as many as 2.5m people will be using the software by the end of January. So, should you install it?

  • News: MSI hybrid netbook has SSD & HDD drives

    MSI plans to start selling its U115 hybrid netbook in the US for less than $700 (£460) starting in February, company representatives said on Sunday.

  • News: Sony's TransferJet connects Toshiba gadgets

    The first prototypes from Toshiba based on TransferJet, a short-range, high-speed wireless data transmission system intended as a replacement for cables, were on show at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

  • News: Shuttle K5600+ mini PC runs Via Nano chip

    Shuttle plans to release a shoebox-sized PC, the K5600+ with Via's Nano microprocessor in March, a company representative said on Sunday.

  • News: MSI shows Pentium-based MacBook Air killer

    MSI has launched an Apple MacBook Air-killer called the X-Slim which includes a high powered Pentium chip.

  • News: LG wins $500m Apple displays deal

    LG Display announced today that it has signed a five-year deal to supply LCD panels to Apple.

  • News: Internet access device onslaught to hit UK

    Internet access devices are set to bombard the UK, says Intel, after successful launches in other territories. More than 50 Intel Atom-based devices are already available, of which at least 33 are MIDs, says Intel.

  • News: Hands on: Sony PRS-700BC Reader

    Sony has been showing off all sorts of desirable new kit at CES, among the best of which are its VGN-P500 Series ultraportable laptops, its 3in OLED display video MP3 player and a third generation eBook Reader.

  • News: Hands on: Sony Vaio VGN-P500 laptop

    Sony has been showing off all sorts of desirable new kit at CES, among the best of which are its VGN-P500 Series ultraportable laptops, its 3in OLED display video MP3 player and a third generation eBook Reader.

  • News: Microsoft admits botched Windows 7 beta downloads

    Microsoft is now providing beta activation keys, offering them to users just prior to beginning the Windows 7 download.

  • News: Windows 7 beta downloads begin

    The Windows 7 beta is now available for download, after Microsoft delayed its launch on Friday due to its servers being overwhelmed by users trying to download the operating system.

  • News: Hands on: Cisco wireless Media Player

    Cisco has been showing off its wireless music system at CES in Las Vegas. The Cisco wireless music system consists of a Player, a Director, a Conductor and a handheld remote control unit that is around the size of a PlayStation Portable games console.

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