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  • News: Kindle with 'Special Offers' debuts at $114

    Amazon.com announced a new Kindle with Special Offers for $114, priced $25 less than the bestselling $139 Kindle but still above the magic $100 pricetag that analysts say will make the e-reader affordable to most consumers.

  • News: Northern Rock inks mortgage processing software deal

    Northern Rock Asset Management has signed a deal to manage 400,000 mortgage accounts on a platform from supplier Unisys.

  • News: Data breach notification fatigue: Do consumers tune out?

    Data breach notifications are flying en masse following the Epsilon Interactive breach, but are they doing customers any good?

  • News: Gartner Tablet Forecast Oddly Overlooks Microsoft

    Research firm Gartner omits Microsoft from a recent four-year tablet forecast after predicting a Windows Phone 7 surge for the same time period. But can a smartphone succeed today without a tablet counterpart?

  • News: Sonnet announces Thunderbolt storage lineup

    More than a month after Apple's unveiling of Thunderbolt, a growing number of peripheral manufacturers are joining the market to utilize the feature. Sonnet Technologies joined the effort on Monday at the NAB Show, announcing a new line of products that utilize the powerful new technology.

  • News: Marking milestones in space flight, space shuttle program

    Tuesday marks two major anniversaries in the history of space travel -- cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space 50 years ago and the first U.S. space shuttle craft was launched 30 years ago.

  • News: Nigeria looks to new licences to lower telecom costs

    While competition has caused the cost of mobile communications in many eastern and southern African countries to plummet, prices in Nigeria's telecom sector remain high and the country's regulators now say they may issue new telecom licenses in order to spur a more competitive market.

  • News: Google denies lying about Apps' certification

    Google on Monday denied an allegation by rival Microsoft that it lied about an important government certification for Google Apps for Government.

  • News: New York man pushes ahead with Facebook ownership claims

    A New York man who claims he's entitled to a sizable stake in Facebook has amended his initial complaint, adjusting his ownership claim and providing additional documents, including e-mails he allegedly exchanged with Mark Zuckerberg.

  • News: AT&T cuts data cost on pre-paid plans

    AT&T announced big price cuts for pre-paid data plans on Tuesday and said its first GoPhone smartphone for pre-paid customers, the LG Thrive, will go on sale April 17

  • News: Cisco's Flip business closed; 550 workers to be cut

    Cisco is killing the Flip portable video camera business in a restructuring move that will include exiting other parts of Cisco's consumer businesses and reducing the company's headcount by 550 workers.

  • News: Amazon to sell discounted Kindle

    US customers will be able to buy a Kindle for $25 less than the usual asking price if they are prepared to endure adverts while they read.

  • News: ViewPad 10 dual Android-Windows tablet

    While tablets such as Apple's iPad and Motorola's Android-based Xoom are continuing to attract popular attention, there are many workplaces that are still based around Microsoft Windows. Unfortunately, Windows 7 isn't really optimized for use in tablets, and it looks like the next version won't be out for another year. So what can people who want to use Windows on a tablet do?

  • News: Vickers report on bank stability: Ringfencing IT operations is not enough

    Banks that separate their retail and investment IT operations are not taking a bold enough step to ensure the safe operation of their consumer units in the event of systemic economic problems.

  • News: NYSE and Deutsche Borse merger chiefs size up single Red Hat Linux trading platform

    The New York Stock Exchange and Deutsche Borse are planning a move to a single cash equities trading platform, understood to be based on Red Hat Linux, in a crucial step towards saving €79 million (£64 million) in annual IT costs and delivering robust, fast messaging.

  • News: Winklevoss Twins v. Facebook: Case Closed

    The Winklevoss twins will have to settle with $160 million from their dispute with Facebook, an appeals court has said. The twins' epic argument with Mark Zuckerberg over the ownership of Facebook -- dramatized in the Oscar-winning movie "The Social Network" -- has to finally come to an end, the judge said.

  • News: How to Start a Business for Free

    Two and a half years ago I wrote about the economic difficulties facing the modern small-business owner, and, well, it looks like nothing has changed since then. Times are still tough, money is tight, and starting your own new business takes an iron gut.

  • News: NSS Labs Finds Most Firewalls Vulnerable to Attack

    The firewall is the line of defense separating the internal network or endpoint PC from all of the malicious bad stuff "out there". A new report from NSS Labs, though, finds that a majority of network firewalls are susceptible to attack or compromise.

  • News: Can IPS appliances remain useful in a virtual-machine world?

    Intrusion-prevention system (IPS) vendors have not found it easy to recast their appliances for use in the virtual-machine (VM) environment. But now McAfee and Sourcefire claim to have overcome some hurdles, at least with VMware's VM.

  • News: Cisco to shutter Flip camera business

    Cisco reportedly plans to shutter its Flip videocam business in a restructuring of its consumer operations following a disappointing string of quarters.

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