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  • News: Orange HD voice launched today

    Orange is making its High Definition voice call service available across the country from today.

  • News: Month of bug disclosures starts today

    A group of security researchers will kick off a month of bug disclosures today that target unpatched vulnerabilities in software from Adobe, Microsoft, Mozilla, Apple and others

  • News: Gartner predicts slowdown in PC sales

    Gartner on Tuesday joined PC and chip makers in projecting a weaker-than-expected second half for worldwide PC shipments in light of slower economic recovery in mature markets.

  • News: Police investigate million-dollar ransomware gang

    Russian police are reportedly investigating a criminal gang that installed malicious "ransomware" programs on thousands of PCs and then forced victims to send SMS messages in order to unlock their PCs.

  • News: HP launches 3D laptop and fastest netbook

    Hewlett-Packard on Wednesday plans to announce new laptops, including its fastest netbook and first 3D laptop, which combines cutting-edge technologies to raise the bar in performance.

  • News: Huge spamming botnet injured but fights on

    A botnet responsible for a significant amount of spam has been crippled but may reconstitute itself in a matter of weeks, according to vendor M86 Security.

  • News: 3D and tablets galore expected at IFA

    The world's largest consumer electronics makers are gathering in Berlin for the 50th edition of Internationale Funkaustellung (IFA) trade show. The push to put 3D screens in our homes continues unabated, and a plethora of tablet PCs are expected to be launched.

  • News: Oxford English Dictionary could go online-only

    The publisher of the complete Oxford English Dictionary says the OED may be the next printed work to give up on paper and go completely digital.

  • News: Google Chrome to use hardware acceleration

    Google will follow the lead of Microsoft and Mozilla by offloading some browser chores to the graphics processor to speed up Chrome, the company said last week.

  • News: Tweetdeck users warned over scam update

    Scammers are trying to take advantage of the fact that many users will soon have to update their version of the TweetDeck Twitter software.

  • News: AMD to kill ATI brand

    AMD has announced plans to remove the ATI name from its products by the end of the year, killing a brand name synonymous with graphics enthusiasts for 25 years.

  • News: New Intel Core and Pentium chips on the way

    Intel has added speed to its low-end processors, introducing new low-end Pentium and Core i3 processors running at the fastest clock speeds the company has put on its consumer microprocessors.

  • News: Cisco bug crashed 1% of internet

    Cisco has fixed a bug in its IOS (Internetwork Operating System) router software that contributed to a brief Internet blackout last week, thought to have affected about 1 percent of the Internet.

  • News: Google buys games firm SocialDeck

    Google has made its fifth acquisition since the start of August, this time scooping up SocialDeck, a company that develops games that people can play against friends using iPhones, BlackBerry devices, or via Facebook on a PC.

  • News: Gmail Priority Inbox tackles email overload

    Google plans to begin rolling out to Gmail users on Tuesday a new feature designed to automatically rearrange messages in their inbox so that the most important and pressing ones appear at the top.

  • News: Intel pays $1.4bn for Infineon's wireless division

    Intel will acquire Infineon Technologies' wireless division for US$1.4 billion, the company said Monday.

  • News: The 12 biggest technology myths

    As much as we love the internet, there's no doubt it's a breeding ground for mths. And its not only rumours about your favourite celebrities, it also covers the world of technology. Which means consumers are being feed lies, half-truths, and misinformation.

  • News: The 7 best iPhone/iPad apps for August bank holiday

    Once again the British Summer has proved to be a bit of a washout, and all of a sudden we're facing the final August Bank Holiday.

  • News: The test of time: Benchmarking an 11-year-old PC

    It's amazing how quickly things advance in technology, with PCs being one of the worst culrpti. What seemed speedy and cutting edge just a few years ago, now seems sluggish and poor value for money.

  • News: 45 best apps for iPhone, BlackBerry & Android

    Whether you've got an iPhone, BlackBerry, or Google Android or Windows Mobile handset, there's something here for you.

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