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  • News: Government selects nine tech SMEs for Innovation Launchpad

    Nine innovative SMEs have been chosen by the government to pitch their ideas to government buyers.

  • News: Anonymous releases documents it says came from ManTech

    As promised, members of the Anonymous hacking movement have released hundreds of megabytes of documents that they say were stolen from government security contractor ManTech.

  • News: Final Fantasy Tactics iOS Port Approved by Apple

    As reported by the fine folks at Touch Arcade, the oft-delayed iOS port of Square Enix's Final Fantasy Tactics has finally gotten the go-ahead from our new world leaders over at Apple.

  • News: Software License Audits: Avoid SAP, Rent-A-Center Brouhaha

    When your company contracts with an enterprise applications vendor for a fixed number of software licenses for your users, it behooves you to carefully monitor that usage at all times.

  • News: CIO Resumes: 5 More Mistakes IT Executives Make

    When I screened résumés for CIO.com's résumé makeover, I observed a variety of mistakes IT professionals repeatedly made. They included not emphasizing relevant work experience, failing to explain the business benefits derived from their work, and including too much information.

  • News: iPhone Remedies Communication Woes at Texas Hospital

    At Texas Children's Hospital (TCH), communication can be a matter of life and death. But with nurses spending more time at bedsides than behind workstations, the Houston-based healthcare facility was struggling "to drive effective communication between nurses, physicians and providers of care," says Myra Davis, vice president of information services at TCH. To cure its communication ailments, TCH turned to a wildly popular consumer device: the Apple iPhone.

  • News: H&R Block Shifts from PCs to Virtualized Thin Clients

    H&R Block's (HRB) virtualization project--a CIO 100 Award winner this year--is putting thin clients in the tax preparer's thousands of retail stores in an effort to simplify its operating environment and cut expenses. The change should also help it to better compete with chains such as Jackson Hewitt, as well as with independent tax preparers and software-only rivals such as TurboTax and Intuit (INTU).

  • News: A guide to H-1B, green card reform

    Unlike with the debt limit debate, there is bipartisan interest in Congress in reforming high-skill immigration. New legislation is on its way, and here's what to watch for.

  • News: Judge gives second AT&T iPad hacker more time to make deal

    A federal judge has put the case against a man charged with hacking AT&T's website last year on hold to allow plea negotiations to continue, court documents show.

  • News: Two New Free to Play Games Coming to Steam

    Valve's free to play department on Steam is gathering pace nicely, with two new titles set for inclusion on the service soon.

  • News: Telcos pursue lower infrastructure pricing in Africa

    High costs of accessing inland fiber-optic infrastructure and lack of guidelines on DSL access have forced telecom operators in Africa to seek government intervention in developing policies that help lower costs for users.

  • News: Sprint, LightSquared see green in LTE deal

    Due to a reporting error, the story, "Sprint, LightSquared see green in LTE deal," posted to the wire on Thursday, misidentified the company that is required to reach 260 million U.S. residents by 2015. That company is LightSquared.

  • News: Facebook to pay hackers for bugs

    Facebook is going to pay hackers to find problems with its website -- just so long as they report them to Facebook's security team first.

  • News: Google wants e-mail in Android suit redacted

    Google wants the judge overseeing the lawsuit Oracle filed over the Android mobile OS to redact a potentially damaging e-mail written by a Google employee, saying it was supposed to remain confidential and that Oracle wrongly revealed it.

  • News: Google gets defensive, buys IBM patents

    Google acquired 1,030 patents from IBM in a defensive move aimed at protecting itself from lawsuits. "Bad software patent litigation is a wasteful war that no one will win," Google says.

  • News: Data center startup Plexxi lands $20 million more

    Stealthy data center startup Plexxi has landed another $20 million in funding as it continues development of a network fabric to tie together applications, compute and storage.

  • News: CouchBase, SQLite launch unified NoSQL query language

    Hoping to unify the growing but disparate market of NoSQL databases, the creators behind CouchDB and SQLite have introduced a new query language for the format, called UnQL (Unstructured Data Query Language).

  • News: Wall Street Beat: Debt, GDP weigh on tech shares

    Though faring better than businesses in other sectors, technology companies have not escaped the market storm stirred up by reports of tepid economic growth and political squabbling over the U.S. deficit.

  • News: Nintendo President Cuts Salary in Half

    Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has announced that he is cutting his own salary in half as part of a wide range of cost-cutting across the company.

  • News: Latest Windows Phone 7 tools let coders ready Mango apps

    Microsoft has released the latest beta version of the Windows Phone 7 Mango development tools and OS build to developers. They can now start final preparations for submitting the first batch of Mango apps for certification in August. Carriers and handset makers are already testing near-final code for new phones due this fall.

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