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  • News: Government to spend up to £4.6bn on smart meter WAN

    The government is planning to spend up to £4.58 billion on building three wide area networks to link to smart meters in 30 million UK homes and businesses.

  • News: Bank of America in battle with bloggers

    Bank of America (BoA) has taken on two prominent blog sites after accusing them of spreading incorrect rumours.

  • News: Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba to merge display businesses

    Sony, Hitachi, and Toshiba have agreed to merge their small and medium-size display businesses into a joint venture, that will have a government-backed investment company, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, as the largest shareholder.

  • News: Apple offers to talk with Chinese environmental group

    Apple has requested a Chinese environmental group to hold talks on a report that accuses the company's suppliers of polluting the environment and endangering the lives of residents.

  • News: Wellington developer refines word search tool

    Wellington company SYL Enterprise Search has introduced a semantic search engine that enables an enterprise to understand the context of words. The patented technology allows content to be processed as language, not just words occurring in documents.

  • News: Data guidelines will expose info refusals

    Official information requests that are refused by government agencies under new open data guidelines, will be detailed on a Department of Internal Affairs website.

  • News: Agency to deliver shared governance, risk compliance service

    CenITex, the Victorian Government's shared services IT agency, will adopt a new IT governance, risk and compliance (ITGRC) package to improve its information security function.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Supersize me

    It's a mega-giganta-humungo edition today, as we cover everything from Apple losing yet another prototype iPhone, to a neighborly Steve Jobs, to Tim Cook's email habits. Read along with the remainders for Wednesday, August 31, 2011 and help close out August in style.

  • News: Naughty Dog Bundling First Two Uncharted Games

    Since its arrival in 2007, Uncharted has been one of the most consistently lauded reasons to own a PlayStation 3?. Now, with a third game on the way, Naughty Dog? is offering an easy way for newcomers to play both of the original games.

  • News: Mass Effect 4 is a Given, But How Can the Series Improve?

    No, Mass Effect isn't going anywhere after Shepard's story is wrapped up in Mass Effect 3. Why would EA throw away one of the most valuable franchises of this generation?

  • News: Leaked Details of Modern Warfare 3's 'Hardened Edition'

    According to an anonymous source at Wired.com, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will have an exclusive Juggernaut outfit for XBLA, loads of limited edition art, and "Founder Status" on Call of Duty Elite with lots of extra goodies. Modern Warfare 3 will be released November 8th in North America on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and Nintendo DS?.

  • News: Pachter: Without Price Cut, 'PS3 Will Outsell Xbox 360'

    Although most analysts just seem to think that they know what's best for the gaming industry and various companies within it, Wedbush's "Nostradamus" personality Michael Pachter generally has sound advice and predictions.

  • News: Sony's Futuristic 3D Visor Coming to Japan on November 11th

    Remember in all those futuristic movies where people would have their entire heads encased in 3D visors, playing video games that were basically portable holodecks?

  • News: Why CEOs Prefer Old-Fashioned Networking When Hiring

    Want top-notch hiring advice? Sometimes the best source is at the top of your organization. I spoke with several C-level executives, and every one said their peer network is their first stop when seeking top talent. And overwhelmingly, those networks are tapped the old-fashioned way--not via LinkedIn.

  • News: Hackers break into Linux source code site

    As Linux fans know, there are two kinds of hackers: the good guys who develop free software, such as the Linux kernel, and the bad guys who break into computers.

  • News: Is Office 365 Right for Your Enterprise?

    Company: Microsoft

  • News: Three Steps to Acing Your Next Presentation to the Board

    Always: Make your first line your bottom line by telling the executives, in a nutshell, what you are proposing, why you're proposing it, and exactly what you want from them: Funding? Support for an organizational change? Product approval? Executives are short on time. They want you to get right to the point.

  • News: Why CIOs Should Clone Themselves

    Don't we all sometimes wish we could be cloned? As a mom of two small boys with a full-time job editing this magazine, I dream daily of being duplicated.

  • News: Analysts Advise CIOs and Employees Make Decisions Together

    Employees no longer rely on IT to provision and deliver technology. Data center functions are outsourced; workers increasingly use social media, mobile tools, the cloud, and video to bypass IT. Many CIOs are concerned they they're losing control of their domain. Welcome to the "empowered era."

  • News: How to Make EA Make Sense to Your CEO

    How a CIO talks to other business leaders about planning and implementing enterprise architecture (EA) makes a huge difference to the success of the effort. But all too often, the discussion becomes a soup of technical jargon and business buzzwords. A simple, coherent message is key.

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