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  • News: Marketing experts don't get' Twitter, Facebook, etc

    Two-thirds of marketing experts have admitted that they don't understand social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook despite agreeing that it is here to stay.

  • News: UK company launches Amazon Kindle killer

    Move over, Kindle, a new e-book reader is in town - and it's coming from a newcomer to the consumer electronics universe. UK company Interead is the first beyond heavyweights Amazon and Sony to offer both a hardware reader and a sales pipeline for acquiring ebook content. And while its initial offerings - the Cool-er E-book reader and coolerbooks.com - are a little rough around the edges, together they offer a viable, no-frills alternative to Amazon's Kindle and Sony's Reader.

  • News: 10% of UK PCs infected after surfing adult sites

    One in ten Brits have picked up a computer virus by visiting adult sites, says Moneysupermarket.com.

  • News: MSI to launch new MacBook Air killers

    MSI yesterday introduced two new slim, light laptops - the 14in X-Slim X400 and the 15in X-Slim X600 - set to launch later this year.

  • News: BT axes 15,000 jobs

    BT is to axe a further 15,000 jobs this year, reducing its staff by 10 percent.

  • News: Next-generation iPhone specs 'revealed'

    A forum poster on a Chinese Apple website recently published what he claimed to be the specs for Apple's upcoming iPhone model.

  • News: O2 users cut back on calls, new phones

    O2 today announced that the amount of money it made from each UK customer in the past quarter has dipped by 3.6 percent. The company said this represented better value for its customers, as O2 has carried just under 12.8 billion minutes of calls in the period - a 17.5 percent increase.

  • News: Virgin to add 500,000 buildings to cable network

    In the first significant expansion of UK cable coverage this century, Virgin Media is to connect around half a million more premises to its network - including 50,000 homes and businesses to be connected in 2009.

  • News: Govt promises fast mobile broadband for all

    Government advisor Kip Meek yesterday published a report proposing radical changes to the mobile broadband spectrum in an attempt to offer fast internet connectivity to all corners of the country.

  • News: Vodafone kills data-roaming charges for the summer

    Vodafone has revealed its customers will be able to send text and pictures massages as well as make phone calls from abroad for the same price as in the UK, this summer.

  • News: Microsoft slammed over 'irresponsible disclosure'

    A security researcher has called foul on Microsoft for doing exactly what it has criticised hackers over for years: revealing information that can be used to hijack computers before a patch is available.

  • News: Samsung offers 32GB NAND memory

    Samsung has announced a 32GB NAND memory card, the highest-density embedded memory card to date and one that offers twice the capacity of previous cards.s

  • News: Intel 'mystified' over 'illegal' rebates

    Antitrust regulators around the world, led chiefly by the European Commission, are testing the limits of the law in their pursuit of Intel and its practice of offering rebates to computer manufacturers and IT retailers, Intel Senior Vice President Bruce Sewell said Wednesday.

  • News: Seagate offers free films with FreeAgent Go

    Short film network Future Shorts has partnered with Seagate to offer free downloads of short films to people who buy one of the company's FreeAgent Go portable hard drives.

  • News: 10 web brands account for half all internet time

    The top ten web brands are getting stronger, despite the proliferation of new sites and services. The ten web brands on which Britons spend the most time accounted for nearly half of all UK Internet time - compared to less than 42 percent a year ago.

  • News: Hulbee to take on Google

    Hulbee is a new search engine that hopes to rival Google by simplifying web searches.

  • News: 27% of software in the UK is pirated

    Over a quarter of all software installed on UK PCs is pirated, says the Business Software Alliance (BSA).

  • News: Intel fined €1.06bn in EC antitrust case

    The European Commission has fined Intel €1.06bn after finding it guilty of antitrust violations in PC microprocessors market.

  • News: French gov't passes illegal downloads legislation

    Legislation, which will see illegal file sharers disconnected from the internet, has been passed by the French National Assembly, despite initially being rejected last month.

  • News: Google improves search with new tools

    Google has unveiled two new tools that it hopes will help users pick and choose the relevant information from search results.

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