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  • News: Public beta of ColdFusion 9 launched

    Adobe has made a beta version of ColdFusion 9, the latest version of the company's web development platform that leverages server-side services, publicly available.

  • News: Apple tests network before China iPhone launch

    Apple has applied for a Chinese network access licence for the iPhone, an important step that could lead the phone to a China launch by early next year, analysts said today.

  • News: Microsoft: Windows Embedded to target smartbooks

    Microsoft will use Windows Embedded to combat rival operating systems in smartbooks. The software giant will also aim Windows Embedded at a number of other devices that Microsoft calls CIDs, or consumer internet devices, meant to always be connected to the internet.

  • News: AMD offers five new six-core Opteron chips

    AMD today added five more chips to its line of Six-Core Opteron processors. The new processors offer a boost in performance with lower power consumption that current models, according to AMD.

  • News: Google: Chrome OS and Android work together

    The Google Chrome OS netbook and desktop PC operating system won't squeeze out the Google Android mobile OS, according to Andy Rubin, the Google's vice president of mobile engineering platforms.

  • News: 'Conficker 2' IE bug will spread quickly

    Security experts predict that a critical ActiveX vulnerability used by hackers to exploit Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser is a prime candidate for another Conficker-scale attack, and it could spread quickly.

  • News: 22 top gadgets for summer

    The sun's out and the beach is beckoning, so it's time to throw on some shorts and head to the airport. But what gadgets should you take along?

  • News: Palm Pre vs Apple iPhone 3GS

    O2 announced this week that it will be offering the Palm Pre in the UK before Christmas. But before you spend all your hard-earned cash on Palm's latest smartphone, we've pitted it against Apple's iPhone, to see just which will suit your needs.

  • News: Analysis: Google Chrome OS is bad for Android

    Google's decision to create a new internet-centric OS for netbooks shows the limitations of the Android mobile OS for netbooks and raises questions about its future on those devices, developers and analysts said.

  • News: 57 free tools to boost your PC

    There are some fantastic tools out there that can be yours for nothing if you know where to look. We show you how to reclaim processor cycles and streamline your PC for free.

  • News: By Royal appointment: the Queen joins Twitter

    The Royal Family has joined micro-blogging site Twitter, according to Buckingham Palace officials. The Twitter.com/BritishMonarchy site went live today.

  • Video: World Technology Update - 10 July 2009

    Google promises an operating system, Michael Jackson spikes internet traffic, and Sony shows off its first netbook. All that news and more on this week's World Tech Update.

  • News: Twitter blocks users infected by Koobface

    Micro-blogging service Twitter is suspending the accounts of web users that have been infected by the Koobface virus.

  • News: Mobile phone directory site breaks down

    The 118 800 mobile phone directory site has broken down and isn't expected to be back up and running until tomorrow. Consumers who visited the website to have their number excluded from the database are left in limbo waiting for a confirmation text message stating that their request has been processed.

  • News: Datawind launches £159 UbiSurfer netbook

    Datawind, maker of the PocketSurfer internet access terminal, is getting into the netbook game with the launch of a 7in device known as the UbiSurfer. Costing £159, the device also comes with 30 hours per month of web access for the first year.

  • News: NHS affected by more than 8,000 viruses

    The NHS has been plagued by more than 8,000 computer viruses over the past year, says More4 News.

  • News: EU: Standardise music pricing to stop piracy

    The EU is calling for pricing of music and media downloads to be standardised across Europe in a bid to prevent internet piracy.

  • News: PC makers cautious over Google Chrome OS

    The PC manufacturers who are Google's hardware partners in the Chrome OS project may be less keen on the project than first appeared.

  • News: Microsoft to patch six flaws next week

    Microsoft will next Tuesday deliver six security updates. Two of the patches on Patch tuesday including two for holes that hackers have been using for months to attack Windows and Internet Explorer (IE).

  • News: Windows 7 Family Pack price revealed

    Windows 7 Family Packs that offer homes three-licences for the OS will be priced at $149.99 (£92) in the US.

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